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Table 3066

Format of CAS file submission data area:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	BYTE	transfer type
		00h = 200x200 dpi, fax mode
		01h = 100x200 dpi, fax mode
		02h = file transfer mode
		03h to 7Fh reserved
 01h	BYTE	text size
		00h = 80 columns
		01h = 132 columns
		02h to 7Fh reserved
 02h	WORD	time to send (DOS packed time, see #01665 at INT 21/AX=5700h)
 04h	WORD	date to send (DOS packed date, see #01666 at INT 21/AX=5700h)
 06h 32 BYTEs	ASCIZ destination name
 26h 80 BYTEs	ASCIZ name of file to send
 76h 47 BYTEs	ASCIZ phone number to dial
 A5h 64 BYTEs	ASCIZ application-specific tag string
 E5h	BYTE	reserved (00h)
 E6h	BYTE	cover page
		00h don't send cover page
		01h send cover page
		02h to 7Fh reserved
 E7h 23 BYTEs	reserved (zeros)
 FEh variable	ASCIZ string containing text of cover page (if cover page flag
		set to 01h)

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