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Table 1365

Format of Phar Lap configuration buffer:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	DWORD	flags 1 (see #01366)
 04h	DWORD	flags 2 (unused through v5.0)
 08h	DWORD	flags 3 (unused through v5.0)
 0Ch	DWORD	386|DOS-Extender major version
 10h	DWORD	386|DOS-Extender minor version
 14h	DWORD	first letter of text after minor version number in version str
 18h	DWORD	beta flag (00h normal release, 01h beta release)
 1Ch	DWORD	processor (3 = 386, 4 = 486)
 20h	DWORD	coprocessor (4 = none, 6 = 287, 7 = 387/486)
 24h	DWORD	Weitek coprocessor flag (0 = none, 1 = present)
 28h	DWORD	machine type (0 = IBM PC compatible, 1 = NEC 9800 series)
 2Ch	DWORD	machine class
		IBM: bus type (0=ISA, 1=MCA, 2=XT, 3=EISA)
		NEC: 0=normal mode, 1=high-res mode
 30h	DWORD	VCPI flag (0 = none, 1 = present)
 34h	DWORD	-WEITEK/-1167 switch (0 = AUTO, 1 = ON, 2 = OFF)
 38h	DWORD	-MINREAL setting
 3Ch	DWORD	-MAXREAL setting
 40h	DWORD	-MINIBUF setting
 44h	DWORD	-MAXIBUF setting
 48h	DWORD	size in bytes of DOS call data buffer
 4Ch	DWORD	number of interrupt stacks (-NISTACK)
 50h	DWORD	interrupt stack size (-ISTKSIZE)
 54h	DWORD	-REALBREAK setting
 6Ch	DWORD	VCPI: master 8259 interrupt vector base (IRQ0 mapping)
 70h	DWORD	VCPI: slave 8259 interrupt vector base (IRQ8 mapping)
 74h	DWORD	BIOS print screen interrupt vector (0 if NEC)
 78h	DWORD	-EXTLOW setting
 7Ch	DWORD	-EXTHIGH setting
 80h	DWORD	lowest physical extended-memory address allocatable
 84h	DWORD	highest physical extended-memory address allocatable + 1
 88h	DWORD	special memory's physical base address (00000000h if none)
 8Ch	DWORD	special memory size in bytes (00000000h if none)
 90h	DWORD	-MAXVCPIMEM setting
 98h	DWORD	-SWAPCHK (0 = OFF, 1 = ON, 2 = FORCE, 3 = MAX)
 9Ch	DWORD	-CODESIZE setting
 A0h	DWORD	minimum swap file size (-MINSWFSIZE)
 A4h	DWORD	maximum swap fiel size (-MAXSWFSIZE)
 A8h	DWORD	page replacement policy (0 = LFU, 1 = NUR)
 ACh	DWORD	number of GDT entries (-NGDTENT)
 B0h	DWORD	number of LDT entries (-NLDTENT)
 B4h	DWORD	program's privilege level (0-3)
---386|DOS-Extender v3.0+ ---
 CCh	DWORD	virtual memory manager flag (0 = not present, 1 = present)
 D0h	DWORD	Cyrix coprocessor flag (0 = no Cyrix EMC387, 1 = present)
 D4h	DWORD	-CYRIX setting (0 = AUTO, 1 = ON, 2 = OFF)
 D8h	DWORD	DPMI flag (0 = not present, 1 = present)
 DCh	DWORD	DPMI major version
 E0h	DWORD	DPMI minor version
 E4h	DWORD	DPMI capabilities flags (see #01367)
 E8h	DWORD	VCPI major version
 ECh	DWORD	VCPI minor version
 F0h	WORD	VCPI: IRQ0-7 physical base interrupt vector
 F2h	WORD	VCPI: IRQ8-15 physical base interrupt vector
 F4h	DWORD	XMS flag (0 = none, 1 = present)
 F8h	DWORD	XMS major version
 FCh	DWORD	XMS minor version
100h	WORD	application's CS selector
102h	WORD	application's DS selector
104h	WORD	application's PSP selector
106h	WORD	application's environment selector
108h	WORD	selector mapping entire first megabyte
10Ah	WORD	selector mapping text video memory
10Ch	WORD	selector mapping video memory (text for IBM, graphics for NEC)
10Eh	WORD	selector mapping Weitek address space, 0000h if not present
110h	WORD	selector mapping Cyrix EMC387 address space, 0000h if none
112h	WORD	reserved (0)
114h	DWORD	real-mode FAR entry point to call to switch to protected mode
		  with no saved context
118h	DWORD	size of LDT in bytes
---386|DOS-Extender v5.0+ ---
11Ch	DWORD	Windows flag (0 = not present, 1 = Windows present)
120h	DWORD	Windows major version
124h	DWORD	Windows minor version
128h	DWORD	Windows mode (0 = real/standard, 1 = enhanced)
12Ch	DWORD	OS/2 flag (0 = not present, 1 = OS/2 present)
130h	DWORD	OS/2 major version
134h	DWORD	OS/2 minor version
138h 50 DWORDs	reserved (0)

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