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Table 1265

Values for VMM (VxD ID 0001h) service number:
 0000h	get version
 0001h	get current VM handle
 0002h	test current VM handle
 0003h	get system VM handle
 0004h	test system VM handle
 0005h	validate VM handle
 0006h	get VMM reenter count
 0007h	begin reentrant execution
 0008h	end reentrant execution
 0009h	install V86 breakpoint
 000Ah	remove V86 breakpoint
 000Bh	allocate V86 callback
 000Ch	allocation PM callback
 000Dh	call when VM returns
 000Eh	schedule global event
 000Fh	schedule VM event
 0010h	call global event
 0011h	call VM event
 0012h	cancel global event
 0013h	cancel VM event
 0014h	call priority VM event
 0015h	cancel priority VM event
 0016h	get NMI handler address
 0017h	set NMI handler address
 0018h	hook NMI event
 0019h	call when VM interrupts enabled
 001Ah	enable VM interrupts
 001Bh	disable VM interrupts
 001Ch	map flat
 001Dh	map linear to VM address
 001Eh	adjust execution priority
 001Fh	begin critical section
 0020h	end critical section
 0021h	end critical section and suspend
 0022h	claim critical section
 0023h	release critical section
 0024h	call when not critical
 0025h	create semaphore
 0026h	destroy semaphore
 0027h	wait on semaphore
 0028h	signal semaphore
 0029h	get critical section status
 002Ah	call when task switched
 002Bh	suspend VM
 002Ch	resume VM
 002Dh	no-fail resume VM
 002Eh	nuke VM
 002Fh	crash current VM
 0030h	get execution focus
 0031h	set execution focus
 0032h	get time slice priority
 0033h	set time slice priority
 0034h	get time slice granularity
 0035h	set time slice granularity
 0036h	get time slice information
 0037h	adjust execution time
 0038h	release time slice
 0039h	wake up VM
 003Ah	call when idle
 003Bh	get next VM handle
 003Ch	set global timeout
 003Dh	set VM timeout
 003Eh	cancel timeout
 003Fh	get system time
	Return: EAX = time in milliseconds that Windows has been running
 0040h	get VM execution time
 0041h	hook V86 interrupt chain
 0042h	get V86 interrupt vector
 0043h	set V86 interrupt vector
 0044h	get PM interrupt vector
 0045h	set PM interrupt vector
 0046h	simulate interrupt
 0047h	simulate IRET
 0048h	simulate far call
 0049h	simulate far jump
 004Ah	simulate far RET
 004Bh	simulate far RET N
 004Ch	build interrupt stack frame
 004Dh	simulate push
 004Eh	simulate pop
 004Fh	_HeapAllocate
 0050h	_HeapReAllocate
 0051h	_HeapFree
 0052h	_HeapGetSize
 0053h	_PageAllocate
 0054h	_PageReAllocate
 0055h	_PageFree
 0056h	_PageLock
 0057h	_PageUnLock
 0058h	_PageGetSizeAddr
 0059h	_PageGetAllocInfo
 005Ah	_GetFreePageCount
 005Bh	_GetSysPageCount
 005Ch	_GetVMPgCount
 005Dh	_MapIntoV86
 005Eh	_PhysIntoV86
 005Fh	_TestGlobalV86Mem
 0060h	_ModifyPageBits
 0061h	copy page table
 0062h	map linear into V86
 0063h	linear page lock
 0064h	linear page unlock
 0065h	_SetResetV86Pageabl
 0066h	_GetV86PageableArray
 0067h	_PageCheckLinRange
 0068h	page out dirty pages
 0069h	discard pages
 006Ah	_GetNulPageHandle
 006Bh	get first V86 page
 006Ch	map physical address to linear address
 006Dh	_GetAppFlatDSAlias
 006Eh	_SelectorMapFlat
 006Fh	_GetDemandPageInfo
 0070h	_GetSetPageOutCount
 0071h	hook V86 page
 0072h	assign device V86 pages
 0073h	deassign device V86 pages
 0074h	get array of V86 pages for device
 0075h	_SetNULPageAddr
 0076h	allocate GDT selector
 0077h	free GDT selector
 0078h	allocate LDT selector
 0079h	free LDT selector
 007Ah	_BuildDescriptorDWORDs
 007Bh	get descriptor
 007Ch	set descriptor
 007Dh	toggle HMA
 007Eh	get fault hook addresses
 007Fh	hook V86 fault
 0080h	hook PM fault
 0081h	hook VMM fault
 0082h	begin nested V86 execution
 0083h	begin nested execution
 0084h	execute V86-mode interrupt
 0085h	resume execution
 0086h	end nested execution
 0087h	allocate PM application callback area
 0088h	get current PM application callback area
 0089h	set V86 execution mode
 008Ah	set PM execution mode
 008Bh	begin using locked PM stack
 008Ch	end using locked PM stack
 008Dh	save client state
 008Eh	restore client state
 008Fh	execute VxD interrupt
	STACK:	WORD	interrupt number
		other registers as required by interrupt call
	Return:	registers as returned by interrupt call
 0090h	hook device service
	EAX = service ID (high word = VxD ID, low = service number)
	ESI -> new handler
 0091h	hook device V86 API
 0092h	hook device PM API
 0093h	system control (see also #02657)
 0094h	simulate I/O
 0095h	install multiple I/O handlers
 0096h	install I/O handler
	DX = I/O port address
	ESI -> handler to call when I/O access attempted???
 0097h	enable global trapping
	DX = I/O port address
 0098h	enable local trapping
	DX = I/O port address
 0099h	disable global trapping
	DX = I/O port address
 009Ah	disable local trapping
	DX = I/O port address
 009Bh	create list
 009Ch	destroy list
 009Dh	allocate list
 009Eh	attach list
 009Fh	attach list tail
 00A0h	insert into list
 00A1h	remove from list
 00A2h	deallocate list
 00A3h	get first item in list
 00A4h	get next item in list
 00A5h	remove first item in list
 00A6h	add instance item
 00A7h	allocate device callback area
 00A8h	allocate global V86 data area
 00A9h	allocate temporary V86 data area
 00AAh	free temporary V86 data area
 00ABh	get decimal integer from profile
 00ACh	convert decimal string to integer
 00ADh	get fixed-point number from profile
 00AEh	convert fixed-point string
 00AFh	get hex integer from profile
 00B0h	convert hex string to integer
 00B1h	get boolean value from profile
 00B2h	convert boolean string
 00B3h	get string from profile
 00B4h	get next string from profile
 00B5h	get environment string
 00B6h	get exec path
 00B7h	get configuration directory
 00B8h	open file
 00B9h	get PSP segment
 00BAh	get DOS vectors
 00BBh	get machine information
 00BCh	get/set HMA information
 00BDh	set system exit code
 00BEh	fatal error handler
 00BFh	fatal memory error
 00C0h	update system clock
 00C1h	test if debugger installed
 00C2h	output debugger string
 00C3h	output debugger character
 00C4h	input debugger character
 00C5h	debugger convert hex to binary
 00C6h	debugger convert hex to decimal
 00C7h	debugger test if valid handle
 00C8h	validate client pointer
 00C9h	test reentry
 00CAh	queue debugger string
 00CBh	log procedure call
 00CCh	debugger test current VM
 00CDh	get PM interrupt type
 00CEh	set PM interrupt type
 00CFh	get last updated system time
 00D0h	get last updated VM execution time
 00D1h	test if double-byte character-set lead byte
 00D2h	_AddFreePhysPage
 00D3h	_PageResetHandlePAddr
 00D4h	_SetLastV86Page
 00D5h	_GetLastV86Page
 00D6h	_MapFreePhysReg
 00D7h	_UnmapFreePhysReg
 00D8h	_XchgFreePhysReg
 00D9h	_SetFreePhysRegCalBk
 00DAh	get next arena (MCB)
 00DBh	get name of ugly TSR
 00DCh	get debug options
 00DDh	set physical HMA alias
 00DEh	_GetGlblRng0V86IntBase
 00DFh	add global V86 data area
 00E0h	get/set detailed VM error
 00E1h	Is_Debug_Chr
 00E2h	clear monochrome screen
 00E3h	output character to mono screen
 00E4h	output string to mono screen
 00E5h	set current position on mono screen
 00E6h	get current position on mono screen
 00E7h	get character from mono screen
 00E8h	locate byte in ROM
 00E9h	hook invalid page fault
 00EAh	unhook invalid page fault
 00EBh	set delete on exit file
 00ECh	close VM
 00EDh	"Enable_Touch_1st_Meg"
 00EEh	"Disable_Touch_1st_Meg"
 00EFh	install exception handler
 00F0h	remove exception handler
 00F1h	"Get_Crit_Status_No_Block"
 00F2h	"_Schedule_VM_RTI_Event"
 00F3h	"_Trace_Out_Service"
 00F4h	"_Debug_Out_Service"
 00F5h	"_Debug_Flags_Service"
 00F6h	VMM add import module name
 00F7h	VMM Add DDB
 00F8h	VMM Remove DDB
 00F9h	get thread time slice priority
 00FAh	set thread time slice priority
 00FBh	schedule thread event
 00FCh	cancel thread event
 00FDh	set thread timeout
 00FEh	set asynchronous timeout
 00FFh	"_AllocatreThreadDataSlot"
 0100h	"_FreeThreadDataSlot"
 0101h	create Mutex
 0102h	destroy Mutex
 0103h	get Mutex owner
 0104h	call when thread switched
 0105h	create thread
 0106h	start thread
 0107h	terminate thread
 0108h	get current thread handle
 0109h	test current thread handle
 010Ah	"Get_Sys_Thread_Handle"
 010Bh	"Test_Sys_Thread_Handle"
 010Ch	"Validate_Thread_Handle"
 010Dh	"Get_Initial_Thread_Handle"
 010Eh	"Test_Initial_Thread_Handle"
 010Fh	"Debug_Test_Valid_Thread_Handle"
 0110h	"Debug_Test_Cur_Thread"
 0111h	"VMM_GetSystemInitState"
 0112h	"Cancel_Call_When_Thread_Switched"
 0113h	"Get_Next_Thread_Handle"
 0114h	"Adjust_Thread_Exec_Priority"
 0115h	"_Deallocate_Device_CB_Area"
 0116h	"Remove_IO_Handler"
 0117h	"Remove_Mult_IO_Handlers"
 0118h	unhook V86 interrupt chain
 0119h	unhook V86 fault handler
 011Ah	unhook PM fault handler
 011Bh	unhook VMM fault handler
 011Ch	unhook device service
 011Dh	"_PageReserve"
 011Eh	"_PageCommit"
 011Fh	"_PageDecommit"
 0120h	"_PagerRegister"
 0121h	"_PagerQuery"
 0122h	"_PagerDeregister"
 0123h	"_ContextCreate"
 0124h	"_ContextDestroy"
 0125h	"_PageAttach"
 0126h	"_PageFlush"
 0127h	"_SignalID"
 0128h	"_PageCommitPhys"
 0129h	"_Register_Win32_Services"
 012Ah	"Cancel_Call_When_Not_Critical"
 012Bh	"Cancel_Call_When_Idle"
 012Ch	"Cancel_Call_When_Task_Switched"
 012Dh	"_Debug_Printf_Service"
 012Eh	enter Mutex
 012Fh	leave Mutex
 0130h	simulate VM I/O
 0131h	"Signal_Semaphore_No_Switch"
 0132h	"_MMSwitchContext"
 0133h	"_MMModifyPermissions"
 0134h	"_MMQuery"
 0135h	"_EnterMustComplete"
 0136h	"_LeaveMustComplete"
 0137h	"_ResumeExecMustComplete"
 0138h	get thread termination status
 0139h	"_GetInstanceInfo"
 013Ah	"_ExecIntMustComplete"
 013Bh	"_ExecVxDIntMustComplete"
 013Ch	begin V86 serialization
 013Dh	unhook V86 page
 013Eh	"VMM_GetVxDLocationList"
 013Fh	"VMM_GetDDBList" get start of VxD chain
	(see also #02657 at INT 2F/AX=1684h/BX=0017h)
 0140h	unhook NMI event
 0141h	"Get_Instanced_V86_Int_Vector"
 0142h	get or set real DOS PSP
 0143h	call priority thread event
 0144h	"Get_System_Time_Address"
 0145h	"Get_Crit_Status_Thread"
 0146h	"Get_DDB"
 0147h	"Directed_Sys_Control"
 0148h	"_RegOpenKey"
 0149h	"_RegCloseKey"
 014Ah	"_RegCreateKey"
 014Bh	"_RegDeleteKey"
 014Ch	"_RegEnumKey"
 014Dh	"_RegQueryValue"
 014Eh	"_RegSetValue"
 014Fh	"_RegDeleteValue"
 0150h	"_RegEnumValue"
 0151h	"_RegQueryValueEx"
 0152h	"_RegSetValueEx"
 0153h	"_CallRing3"
 0154h	"Exec_PM_Int"
 0155h	"_RegFlushKey"
 0156h	"_PageCommitContig"
 0157h	"_GetCurrentContext"
 0158h	"_LocalizeSprintf"
 0159h	"_LocalizeStackSprintf"
 015Ah	"Call_Restricted_Event"
 015Bh	"Cancel_Restricted_Event"
 015Ch	"Register_PEF_Provider"
 015Dh	"_GetPhysPageInfo"
 015Eh	"_RegQueryInfoKey"
 015Fh	"MemArb_Reserve_Pages"
 0160h	"Time_Slice_Sys_VM_Idle"
 0161h	"Time_Slice_Sleep"
 0162h	"Boost_With_Decay"
 0163h	"Set_Inversion_Pri"
 0164h	"Reset_Inversion_Pri"
 0165h	"Release_Inversion_Pri"
 0166h	"Get_Thread_Win32_Pri"
 0167h	"Set_Thread_Win32_Pri"
 0168h	"Set_Thread_Static_Boost"
 0169h	"Set_VM_Static_Boost"
 016Ah	"Release_Inversion_Pri_ID"
 016Bh	"Attach_Thread_To_Group"
 016Ch	"Detach_Thread_From_Group"
 016Dh	"Set_Group_Static_Boost"
 016Eh	"_GetRegistryPath"
 016Fh	"_GetRegistryKey"
 0170h	"_CleanupNestedExec"
 0171h	"_RegRemapPreDefKey"
 0172h	"End_V86_Serialization"
 0173h	"_Assert_Range"
 0174h	"_Sprintf"
 0175h	"_PageChangePager"
 0176h	"_RegCreateDynKey"
 0177h	"RegQMulti"
 0178h	"Boost_Thread_With_VM"
 0179h	"Get_Boot_Flags"
 017Ah	"Set_Boot_Flags"
 017Bh	"_lstrcpyn"
 017Ch	"_lstrlen"
 017Dh	"_lmemcpy"
 017Eh	"_GetVxDName"
 017Fh	"Force_Mutexes_Free"
 0180h	"Restore_Forced_Mutexes"
 0181h	"_AddReclaimableItem"
 0182h	"_SetReclaimableItem"
 0183h	"_EnumReclaimableItem"
 0184h	"Time_Slice_Wake_Sys_VM"
 0185h	"VMM_Replace_Global_Environment"
 0186h	"Begin_Non_Serial_Nest_V86_Exec"
 0187h	"Get_Nest_Exec_Status"
 0188h	"Open_Boot_Log"
 0189h	"Write_Boot_Log"
 018Ah	"Close_Boot_Log"
 018Bh	"EnableDisable_Boot_Log"
 018Ch	"_Call_On_My_Stack"
 018Dh	"Get_Inst_V86_Int_Vec_Base"
 018Eh	"_lstrcmpi"
 018Fh	"_strupr"
 0190h	"Log_Fault_Call_Out"
 0191h	"_AtEventTime"
 0191h	...last service for Windows95 SP1
 811Ch	unhook device service??? (called by KEYREMAP.VXD)
	EAX = service ID (high word = VxD ID, low = service number)
	ESI -> handler
SeeAlso: #01266,#01267,INT 2F/AX=1684h/BX=0001h

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