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Table 1264

Format of diskette parameter table:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	BYTE	first specify byte
		bits 7-4: step rate (Fh=2ms,Eh=4ms,Dh=6ms,etc.)
		bits 3-0: head unload time (0Fh = 240 ms)
 01h	BYTE	second specify byte
		bits 7-1: head load time (01h = 4 ms)
		bit    0: non-DMA mode (always 0)
		Note:	The DOS boot sector sets the head load time to 15ms,
			  however, one should retry the operation on failure
 02h	BYTE	delay until motor turned off (in clock ticks)
 03h	BYTE	bytes per sector (00h = 128, 01h = 256, 02h = 512, 03h = 1024)
 04h	BYTE	sectors per track (maximum if different for different tracks)
 05h	BYTE	length of gap between sectors (2Ah for 5.25", 1Bh for 3.5")
 06h	BYTE	data length (ignored if bytes-per-sector field nonzero)
 07h	BYTE	gap length when formatting (50h for 5.25", 6Ch for 3.5")
 08h	BYTE	format filler byte (default F6h)
 09h	BYTE	head settle time in milliseconds
 0Ah	BYTE	motor start time in 1/8 seconds
---IBM SurePath BIOS---
 0Bh	BYTE	maximum track number
 0Ch	BYTE	data transfer rate
 0Dh	BYTE	drive type in CMOS
SeeAlso: #03226 at INT 4D/AH=09h

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