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Table 363

Format of ARTICOM port information structure:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h 16 BYTEs	server name resource is on
 10h	BYTE	adapter number server is on
 11h 16 BYTEs	resource name
 21h	WORD	remote port index, use to get additional information
 23h	WORD	buffer size
 25h	WORD	baud rate (see #00364)
 26h	BYTE	modem status register
 27h	BYTE	modem control register
 28h	BYTE	line status register
 29h	BYTE	line control register
 2Ah	BYTE	flow control in use: 0 - NONE, 1 - XON/XOFF, 2 - RTS/CTS
 2Bh	WORD	send timeout in ticks
 2Dh	WORD	receive timeout in ticks
 2Fh	WORD	time used on remote port
 31h	WORD	time left before timeout
 33h	BYTE	if server changes allowed?
 34h	WORD	FFFFh (-1) if connection ok, else old port index

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