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Table 1563

Format of parameter block for function 42h:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	BYTE	reserved, must be zero (DOS <3.2)
		  bit 0=0: format/verify track
			1: format status call (DOS 3.2+), don't actually format
		  bit 1: format multiple tracks, require additional WORD
			  (hard disks only)
		  bits 2-7 reserved, must be zero
		value on return (DOS 3.3+):
		  00h	specified tracks, sectors/track supported by BIOS
		  01h	function not supported by BIOS
		  02h	specified tracks, sectors/track not allowed for drive
		  03h	no disk in drive
 01h	WORD	number of disk head
 03h	WORD	number of disk cylinder
---BYTE 00h bit 1 set---
 05h	WORD	number of tracks to format

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