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Table 1363

Format of Phar Lap program load parameter block:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	DWORD	32-bit offset of environment string
 04h	WORD	segment of environment string
 06h	DWORD	32-bit offset of command-tail string
 0Ah	WORD	segment of command-tail string
 0Ch	DWORD	32-bit offset of LDT buffer (size in ECX)
 10h	WORD	segment of LDT buffer
 12h	WORD	real-mode paragraph address of PSP (see also AH=26h)
 14h	WORD	real/protected mode flag
		0000h  real mode
		0001h  protected mode
 16h	DWORD	initial EIP value
 1Ah	WORD	initial CS value
 1Ch	DWORD	initial ESP value
 20h	WORD	initial SS value
 22h	WORD	initial DS value
 24h	WORD	initial ES value
 26h	WORD	initial FS value
 28h	WORD	initial GS value

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