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Table 2862

Format of VLM header:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	DWORD	-> initialization entry point
 04h	DWORD	-> VLM API entry point
 08h	DWORD	-> ??? entry point
 0Ch	DWORD	-> ??? entry point
 10h	DWORD	-> ??? entry point
 var	DWORD	00000000h (end of entry point list)
      4 BYTEs	signature "NVlm"
	WORD	VLM identifier (see #02861)
---v1.20+ ---
 1Eh	WORD	???
 20h	WORD	Transient Switch Count
 22h	WORD	VLM Call Count
 24h	WORD	Offset ControlBlocks (See #02863)
 26h	WORD	Current VLMID
 28h	BYTE	Memory Type
		00h=Conventional 02h=EMS 04h=XMS
 29h	BYTE	Modules Loaded
 2Ah	WORD	BlockId
 2Ch	WORD	Transient Block
 2Eh	WORD	Global Segment
 30h  3	DWORDs	pointers to AsyncQueue head, tail, and s???
 3Ch  3	DWORDs	pointers BusyQueue head, tail, and s???
 48h	WORD	ReEntrance Level
 4Ah	WORD	Full Map Count
 4Ch	WORD	???
 4Eh 80 BYTEs	ASCIZ configuration file filename
Note:	the number of entry points in the header is reported as "Func" in the
	  VLM /D display.

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