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Table 62

Format of 3270 PC configuration table:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	BYTE	aspect ratio X
 01h	BYTE	aspect ratio Y
 02h	BYTE	monitor type (see #00063)
 03h	BYTE	reserved
 04h	BYTE	adapter ID
		00h = 5151/5272 adapter
		04h = 5151/5272 with XGA adapter
		30h = 3295 or 3270PC G/GX adapter
 05h	BYTE	reserved
 06h	BYTE	function flags 1 (see #00064)
 07h	BYTE	function flags 2
		bit 6: GPI graphics supported
 08h	WORD	segment address of Control Program Level table (see #00065)
 0Ah 10 BYTEs	reserved

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