Values for NetWare function status:
 00h (0)	successful
 96h (150)	server out of memory
 99h (153)	directory full
 9Bh (155)	invalid directory handle
 9Ch (156)	invalid path
 D0h (208)	queue error
 D1h (209)	no such queue
 D2h (210)	no server for queue
 D3h (211)	no queue rights
 D4h (212)	queue full
 D5h (213)	no queue job
 D6h (214)	no job rights
 D7h (215)	queue servicing error
 D8h (216)	queue not active
 D9h (217)	station is not a server
 DAh (218)	queue halted
 DBh (219)	too many queue servers
 EDh (237)	property already exists
 EEh (238)	object already exists
 EFh (239)	invalid name
 F0h (240)	wildcard not allowed
 F1h (241)	invalid bindery security level
 F5h (245)	not permitted to create object
 F7h (247)	not permitted to create property
 FCh (252)	no such object
 FEh (254)	server bindery locked
 FFh (255)	bindery failure
SeeAlso: #01950,#02002,#01680,#02860 at INT 2F/AX=7A20h/BX=0000h