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Table 3860

Format of SK-UPPS media-specific statistics for FDDI:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	DWORD	SMT operating version id (refer to ANSI
 04h	DWORD	SMT CF state: 1=Isolated, 2= Wrap_S, 3=Wrap_A, 4=Wrap_B,
		  5=Wrap_AB, 6=Thru (refer to ANSI SMT
 08h	DWORD	SMT frames sent
 0Ch	DWORD	SMT frames received
 10h	DWORD	SMT ring up count
 14h  6 BYTEs	MAC upstream neighbour
 1Ah  6 BYTEs	MAC downstream neighbour
 20h	DWORD	MAC frame counter (refer to ANSI MAC 2.2.1)
 24h	DWORD	MAC error counter ( " )
 28h	DWORD	MAC lost counter ( " )
 2Ch	BYTE	port 1 link error estimate (ranges from 10**-4 to 10**-15 and
		  is reported as the absolute value of the exponent)
 2Dh	BYTE	port 2 link error estimate ( " )
 2Eh  2 BYTEs	reserved (currently unused)
 30h	DWORD	attachment class: 1=single-attachment (S PORT),
		  2=dual-attachment (A/B PORT pairs), 3=concentrator (M PORTs)
 34h	DWORD	attachment optical bypass present: 1=true, 2=false

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