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Table 3260

Format of HP 95LX graphics info record:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	BYTE	current video mode
 01h	BYTE	default video mode
 02h	WORD	display width in pixels
 04h	WORD	display height in pixels
 06h	WORD	current pen column
 08h	WORD	current pen row
 0Ah	WORD	current line type
 0Ch	WORD	current replacement rule
 0Eh	WORD	current pen color
 10h	WORD	current leftmost column of clip region
 12h	WORD	current rightmost column of clip region
 14h	WORD	current topmost row of clip region
 16h	WORD	current bottommost row of clip region
 18h	WORD	current column of logical origin
 1Ah	WORD	current row of logical origin
 1Ch  8 BYTEs	current fill mask

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