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Table 360

Values for ARTICOM error codes:
 00h	"No error"
 01h	"An invalid port number was specified"
 02h	"Port is already redirected"
 03h	"Too many ports redirected"
 04h	"Cannot locate the server"
 05h	"Server is busy"
 06h	"Access denied"
 07h	"Resource in use"
 08h	"Resource in use - request queued"
 09h	"No such resource"
 0Ah	"Invalid username/password pair"
 0Bh	"Noncompatible version number"
 0Ch	"Can't remove from memory"
 0Dh	"Bad NETBIOS adapter number"
 0Eh	"No more entries in list"
 0Fh	"Resource is not available at this time"
 10h	"Invalid value to INT 14 call"

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