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Table 2860

Values for VLM status code:
 0000h	successful
 88xxh	error generated by requester
 8801h	invalid or non-attached connection handle
 8802h	drive in use (OS/2 only)
 8803h	cannot add CDS
 8804h	bad path
 8805h	error sending or receiving NCP packets
 8806h	unknown network error
 8807h	invalid server connection slot
 8808h	no connection slots available
 880Ah	no route to server
 880Bh	"BAD_LOCAL_TARGET" (OS/2 only)
 880Ch	too many request fragments
 880Eh	buffer overflow on receive
 880Fh	no connection to server
 8810h	no router found (OS/2 only)
 8811h	nonexistent function called
 8830h	internal server request attempted between two separate connections
 8831h	no primary connection set
 8833h	invalid buffer length
 8834h	invalid user name
 8835h	no local print spooler installed
 8836h	attempted function with invalid parameter
 8837h	failed to open configuration file (OS/2 only)
 8838h	no configuration file (OS/2 only)
 8839h	configuration file read failed (OS/2 only)
 883Ah	line too long in configuration file (OS/2 only)
 883Bh	configuration lines ignored (OS/2 only)
 883Ch	foreign resource
 883Dh	daemon already installed (OS/2 only)
 883Eh	print spooler already installed
 883Fh	local connection table already full
 8840h	configuration section not found (OS/2 only)
 8841h	invalid transport type
 8842h	TDS tag in use (OS/2 only)
 8843h	TDS out of memory (OS/2 only)
 8844h	called TDS function with invalid tag
 8845h	TDS write was truncated
 8846h	called partially asynchronous function while it was busy
 8847h	unable to find any responding servers
 8848h	non-loaded or nonexistent VLM called
 8849h	network drive already mapped
 884Ah	attempted map to local drive which was already in use
 884Bh	no more drives available for mapping
 884Ch	device is not redirected
 884Dh	no more SFT entries (too many handles)
 884Eh	unable to unload
 884Fh	connection entry was already in use
 8850h	too many reply fragments
 8851h	name table already full
 8852h	socket not open
 8853h	memory management error
 8854h	SFT III switch occurred in mid-transfer
 8855h	preferred server was not found (alternate returned)
 8856h	device not recognized
 8857h	bad network byte
 88A0h	memory allocation error
 88A1h	connection timeout failure
 88A2h	transport: bad request
 88A3h	specified transport not installed
 88A4h	unable to open connection with specified parameters
 88A6h	unsupported function
 88A7h	no such task
 88A8h	too many tasks
 88A9h	version mismatch
 88AAh	request cancelled
 88ABh	invalid NDS name
 88ACh	unable to perform operation while logged into NDS
 88ADh	requester not available for use
 88AEh	MacIPX not configured properly
 88AFh	no servers found
 88B0h	no volume or session associated with identifier
 88B1h	not a NetWare volume
 88B2h	MacIPX version incompatible with Requester
 88B4h	MacIPX not open
 88B5h	insufficient stack
 88B6h	client API already initialized
 88B7h	checksums required by client are not available
 88B8h	packet signing required by client are not available
 88B9h	server requires checksum
 88BAh	server requires packet signing
 88BBh	already logged in
 88BCh	negotiated checksums but connection timed out
 89xxh	error generated by server
	low byte = return code from server (see also #01927,#01961)
 8900h	server successful
 8901h	out of disk space
 897Eh	NCP boundary check failed
 897Fh	???
 8980h	lock failed; file in use
 8981h	out of handles
 8982h	no open privileges
 8983h	hard (non-correctable) I/O error
 8984h	no creation privileges
 8985h	no create/delete privileges
 8986h	attempted to create a file which already exists read-only
 8987h	filename error during creation (wildcards in name)
 8988h	invalid file handle
 8989h	no search privileges
 898Ah	no deletion privileges
 898Bh	no rename privileges
 898Ch	no modify privileges
 898Dh	some affected files are in use
 898Eh	all affected files are in use
 898Fh	some affected files are read-only
 8990h	all affected files are read-only; volume read-only
 8991h	some files could not be renamed because target names already exist
 8992h	all affected names exist
 8993h	no read privileges
 8994h	no write privileges
 8995h	file detached
 8996h	server out of memory
 8997h	no disk space for spool file
 8998h	disk map error; volume does not exist
 8999h	directory full
 899Ah	attempt to rename across volumes
 899Bh	bad directory handle
 899Ch	invalid path; no more trustees
 899Dh	no directory handles
 899Eh	bad filename
 899Fh	directory active
 89A0h	directory not empty
 89A1h	directory I/O error
 89A2h	I/O lock error
 89A3h-89A5h ???
 89A6h	auditing is active
 89A7h	auditing version error
 89A8h	no auditing rights
 89A3h-89BEh ???
 89BFh	invalid name space
 89C0h	no account privileges
 89C1h	no account balance
 89C2h	credit limit exceeded
 89C4h	account disabled
 89C5h	login lockout (intruder detection activated)
 89C6h	no console rights
 89D0h	queue error
 89D1h	no queue
 89D2h	no queue server
 89D3h	no queue rights
 89D4h	queue full
 89D5h	no queue job
 89D6h	no job rights; unencrypted password
 89D7h	queue servicing error; duplicate password; bad account
 89D8h	queue not active; password too short
 89D9h	station not queue server; maximum logins exceeded
 89DAh	queue halted; bad login time
 89DBh	maximum queue servers; unauthorized login station
 89DCh	account disabled or expired
 89DEh	password expired (all grace logins used up)
 89DFh	password expired but login allowed (grace login)
 89E0h-89E6h ???
 89E7h	no disk track
 89E8h	property is not an item property; write to group
 89E9h	member exists
 89EAh	no such member
 89EBh	property is not a set property
 89ECh	no such set
 89EDh	property exists
 89EEh	object exists
 89EFh	illegal name
 89F0h	illegal wildcard
 89F1h	invalid bindery security level
 89F2h	not allowed to read object
 89F3h	not allowed to write/rename object
 89F4h	not allowed to delete object
 89F5h	not allowed to create object
 89F6h	not allowed to delete property
 89F7h	not allowed to create property; attempt to use non-local drive
 89F8h	not allowed to write property; already attached to server
 89F9h	not allowed to read property; no free connection slots
 89FAh	temporary remap error; no more server slots
 89FBh	no such property; invalid parameters
 89FCh	no such object; internet packet request canceled; unknown file server
 89FDh	bad station number; lock collision
 89FEh	directory locked; bindery locked; timeout
 89FFh	general error; hard error; lock error
Note:	some server-generated error codes have multiple interpretations; use
	  the one appropriate to the failing call

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