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Table 2460

Format of NetWare "Data Migration Support Module Information" request packet:
Offset	Size	Description	)
---information level 0---
 00h	DWORD	read/write access status
 04h	DWORD	length of Specific Device Information block (max 384)
 08h	DWORD	space available on support module
 0Ch	DWORD	amount of space used
 10h	BYTE	length of support module's name
 11h 14 BYTEs	support module name
 1Fh 128 BYTEs	support module information
---information level 1---
 00h	DWORD	number of support modules
 04h 32 BYTEs	support module IDs
---information level 2---
 00h	BYTE	length of module name
 01h 32 BYTEs	support module name
SeeAlso: #02459

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