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Table 3859

Format of SK-UPPS media-specific statistics for Ethernet:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	DWORD	alignment errors
 04h	DWORD	frame check sequence (FCS) errors
 08h	DWORD	single collision frames
 0Ch	DWORD	multiple collision frames
 10h	DWORD	signal quality error (SQE) test errors
 14h	DWORD	deferred transmissions
 18h	DWORD	late collisions
 1Ch	DWORD	excessive collisions
 20h	DWORD	internal MAC transmit errors
 24h	DWORD	carrier sense errors
 28h	DWORD	excessive deferrals
 2Ch	DWORD	frame too longs
 30h	DWORD	in range length errors
 34h	DWORD	out of range length fields
 38h	DWORD	internal MAC receive errors

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