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Table 1559

Values for generic block IOCTL minor code:
 00h	(OS/2)	\ used to lock/unlock a drive
 01h	(OS/2)	/
 40h	set device parameters (see #01560)
 41h	write logical device track (see #01562)
 42h	format and verify logical device track (see #01563)
 46h	(DOS 4.0+) set volume serial number (see #01565,AH=69h)
 47h	(DOS 4.0+) set access flag (see #01566)
 48h	(Enh. Disk Drive Spec) set media lock state (see #01567,INT 13/AH=45h)
 49h	(Enh. Disk Drive Spec) eject media in drive (see INT 13/AH=49h)
	no parameter block required
 4Ah	(MS-DOS 7.0) lock logical volume (see AX=440Dh/CX=084Ah)
 4Bh	(MS-DOS 7.0) lock physical volume (see AX=440Dh/CX=084Bh)
 50h	(PCMCIA) attribute memory write
 51h	(PCMCIA) common memory write
 52h	(PCMCIA) force media change (DOS 5+ ???) (see #01568)
 53h	(PCMCIA) erase drive
 54h	(PCMCIA) erase media
 56h	(PCMCIA) set erase status callback
 57h	(PCMCIA) append Card Information Structure (CIS) tuple
 58h	(PCMCIA) erase CIS tuples
 60h	get device parameters (see #01560)
 61h	read logical device track (see #01562)
 62h	verify logical device track (see #01564)
 66h	(DOS 4.0+) get volume serial number (see #01565,AH=69h)
 67h	(DOS 4.0+) get access flag (see #01566)
 68h	(DOS 5.0+) sense media type (see #01569)
 6Ah	(MS-DOS 7.0) unlock logical volume (see AX=440Dh/CX=086Ah)
	no parameter block required
 6Bh	(MS-DOS 7.0) unlock physical volume (see AX=440Dh/CX=086Bh)
	no parameter block required
 6Ch	(MS-DOS 7.0) get lock flag (see AX=440Dh/CX=086Ch)
	no parameter block required
 6Dh	(MS-DOS 7.0) enumerate open files (see AX=440Dh/CX=086Dh)
 6Eh	(MS-DOS 7.0) find swap file (see AX=440Dh/CX=086Eh)
 6Fh	(MS-DOS 7.0) get drive map information (see #01570)
 70h	(PCMCIA) attribute memory read
 70h	(MS-DOS 7.0) get current lock state (see AX=440Dh/CX=0870h)
	no parameter block required
 71h	(MS-DOS 7.0) get first cluster (see AX=440Dh/CX=0871h)
 73h	(PCMCIA) get memory media information (DOS 5+ ???) (see #01572)
 76h	(PCMCIA) get erase status callback
 77h	(PCMCIA) get first Card Information Structure (CIS) tuple
 78h	(PCMCIA) get next CIS tuple
 7Fh	(PCMCIA) get ??? information (see #01573,#01574)

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