Call IFS utility function entry point with:
	AH = 20h miscellaneous functions
	    AL = 00h get date
		Return: CX = year
			DH = month
			DL = day
	    AL = 01h get process ID and computer ID
		Return: BX = current PSP segment
			DX = active network machine number
	    AL = 05h get file system info
		ES:DI -> 16-byte info buffer
		Return: buffer filled
			Offset	Size	Description
			 00h  2 BYTEs	unused
			 02h	WORD	number of SFTs (actually counts only
					the first two file table arrays)
			 04h	WORD	number of FCB table entries
			 06h	WORD	number of proctected FCBs
			 08h  6 BYTEs	unused
			 0Eh	WORD	largest sector size supported
	    AL = 06h get machine name
		ES:DI -> 18-byte buffer for name
		Return: buffer filled with name starting at offset 02h
	    AL = 08h get sharing retry count
		Return: BX = sharing retry count
	    AL = other
		Return: CF set
	AH = 21h get redirection state
		BH = type (03h disk, 04h printer)
		Return: BH = state (00h off, 01h on)
	AH = 22h ??? some sort of time calculation
		AL = 00h ???
		    nonzero ???
	AH = 23h ??? some sort of time calculation
	AH = 24h compare filenames
	    DS:SI -> first ASCIZ filename
	    ES:DI -> second ASCIZ filename
	    Return: ZF set if files are same ignoring case and / vs \
	AH = 25h normalize filename
	    DS:SI -> ASCIZ filename
	    ES:DI -> buffer for result
	    Return: filename uppercased, forward slashes changed to backslashes
	AH = 26h get DOS stack
	    Return: DS:SI -> top of stack
		    CX = size of stack in bytes
	AH = 27h increment InDOS flag
	AH = 28h decrement InDOS flag
Note:	IFS drivers which do not wish to implement functions 20h or 24h-28h may
	  pass them on to the default handler pointed at by [LoL+37h]
SeeAlso: #01659,#01660