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Table 3857

Format of SK-UPPS Statistics Data Block (SDB):
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	DWORD	node uptime in ticks (1/18.21 sec.)
 04h	DWORD	bytes received
 08h	DWORD	bytes transmitted
 0Ch	DWORD	frames received
 10h	DWORD	frames transmitted
 14h	DWORD	multicast bytes received
 18h	DWORD	multicast frames received
 1Ch	DWORD	unrecognized frames
 20h	WORD	missed frames
 22h	WORD	frame check sequence (FCS) errors
 24h	WORD	framing errors
 26h	WORD	babbling errors
 28h	WORD	late collision errors
 2Ah	WORD	loss of carrier errors
 2Ch	WORD	16 retries failed errors
 2Eh	WORD	overflow errors
Note:	fields 26h through 2Ch are always zero, except in some very old
	  versions of the DLI.	Use GET MEDIA STATISTICS (AX=0015h) to get
	  more detailed information.

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