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Table 656

Values for PCMCIA error codes:
 01h	"BAD_ADAPTER" nonexistent adapter
 02h	"BAD_ATTRIBUTE" invalid attribute specified
 03h	"BAD_BASE" invalid system memory base address
 04h	"BAD_EDC" invalid EDC generator specified
 05h	"BAD_INDICATOR" invalid indicator specified
 06h	"BAD_IRQ" invalid IRQ channel specified
 07h	"BAD_OFFSET" invalid PCMCIA card offset specified
 08h	"BAD_PAGE" invalid page specified
 09h	"BAD_READ" unable to complete request
 0Ah	"BAD_SIZE" invalid window size specified
 0Bh	"BAD_SOCKET" nonexistent socket specified
 0Ch	"BAD_TECHNOLOGY" unsupported Card Technology for writes
 0Dh	"BAD_TYPE" unavailable window type specified
 0Eh	"BAD_VCC" invalid Vcc power level index specified
 0Fh	"BAD_VPP" invalid Vpp1 or Vpp2 power level index specified
 10h	"BAD_WAIT" invalid number of wait states specified
 11h	"BAD_WINDOW" nonexistent window specified
 12h	"BAD_WRITE" unable to complete request
 13h	"NO_ADAPTERS" no adapters installed, but Socket Services is present
 14h	"NO_CARD" no card in socket
 15h	function not supported
 16h	invalid mode
 17h	invalid speed
 18h	busy

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