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Table 3756

Format of 10NET configuration table:
Offset	Size	Description	)
-41	WORD	local device table address
-39	WORD	extended network error mapping table address
-37	WORD	shared device table address
-35	WORD	mounted device table address
-33	BYTE	receive buffer counter
-32	BYTE	collect buffer counter
-31	WORD	TUF address
-29	BYTE	enable flag
-28	BYTE	FCB keep flag
-27	WORD	reserved
---up to here, 10NET v3.3---
-25	WORD	count of dropped Send6F
-23	WORD	buffer start address
-21	WORD	comm driver base address
-19	WORD	send/receive retry count
-17	BYTE	number of 550ms loops before timeout
-16	WORD	UFH address
-14	WORD	CDIR address
-12	WORD	LTAB address
-10	WORD	SFH address
-8	WORD	FTAB address
-6	WORD	RLTAB address
-4	WORD	SMI address
-2	WORD	NTAB address
 00h	WORD	address of first CT_DRV
 02h	BYTE	number of DRV entries
 03h  8 BYTEs	login name
 0Bh 12 BYTEs	node ID (blank-padded)
 17h  6 BYTEs	node address
 1Dh	BYTE	flag
 1Eh	BYTE	CT_CFLG (chat permit)
		bit 1: sound bell
		bit 0: CHAT permit
 1Fh	BYTE	CT_PSFLG (see #03757)
 20h	BYTE	in 10Net flag
 21h	WORD	receive message count
 23h	WORD	send message count
 25h	WORD	retry count
 27h	WORD	failed count
 29h	WORD	driver errors
 2Bh	WORD	dropped responses/CHATs
 2Dh  9 BYTEs	LIST ID/NTAB address (3 entries--LPT1-3)
 36h  6 BYTEs	AUX ID/NTAB address (2 entries--COM1-2)
 3Ch	BYTE	active CB channel
 3Dh	BYTE	received 6F messages on queue
 3Eh  9 BYTEs	activity counters for channels 1-9
---beyond here, 10NET v3.3---
 47h	BYTE	bit 0: RS232 gate
		bit 1: Send6F gate (user set)
 48h	DWORD	pointer into gate (user set)
 4Ch	DWORD	pointer into 10Net send
 50h  N WORDs	addresses of timer blocks

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