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Table 3056

Format of status buffer for Intel SatisFAXtion board:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	BYTE	SatisFAXtion connection status flags (see #03062)
 01h	BYTE	SatisFAXtion board state (see #03063)
 02h	BYTE	number of KB free in buffer
 03h	BYTE	number of pages or files in buffer
 04h	BYTE	number of redials remaining on current number
 05h	BYTE	FAX page number to retransmit
 06h	BYTE	current page/file in block transfer
 07h	BYTE	number of rings received (only if auto-answer enabled)
 08h	WORD	error count
 0Ah	DWORD	length of file being transferred
 0Eh  6 BYTEs	reserved
 14h	BYTE	'B' if SatisFAXtion board present
 15h 13 BYTEs	ASCIZ transfer agent name
 22h  5 BYTEs	ASCIZ transfer agent version number
 27h 13 BYTEs	ASCIZ resident loader name
 34h  5 BYTEs	ASCIZ resident loader version number
 39h 21 BYTEs	ASCIZ remote CSID
 4Eh 13 BYTEs	ASCIZ resident manager name
 5Bh  5 BYTEs	ASCIZ resident manager version number
 60h 32 BYTEs	reserved
Note:	the Intel Connection CoProcessor and SatisFAXtion may be distinguished
	  by examining the byte at offset 14h

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