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Table 3455

Format of PC/TCP interface statistics:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	WORD	interface class (e.g. 802.3)
 02h	WORD	type (manufacturer) of interface
 04h	WORD	interface number
 06h	DWORD	(big-endian) IP address of interface
 0Ah	DWORD	subnet mask
 0Eh	WORD	0001h if interface is up
 10h	DWORD	total packets received
 14h	DWORD	total packets sent
 18h	DWORD	receive errors
 1Ch	DWORD	send errors
 20h	WORD	length of local net address (e.g. 0006h for Ethernet)
 22h	DWORD	pointer to local net address

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