Format of MS-DOS 7/Windows95 long-filename directory entry:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	BYTE	LFN record sequence and flags
		bits 5-0: sequence number
		bit 6: set if last long-filename record for file
		bit 7: set if file deleted
 01h 10 BYTEs	long filename, first part
 0Bh	BYTE	0Fh (otherwise impossible file attribute, used as signature)
 0Ch	BYTE	reserved??? (00h)
 0Dh	BYTE	checksum for short filename
 0Eh 12 BYTEs	long filename, second part
 1Ah	WORD	first cluster number (always 0000h for LFN records)
 1Ch  4 BYTEs	long filename, third part
Notes:	long-filename entries are always stored in the directory just prior
	  to the short-name entry for a file
	multiple LFN records are used if the long filename does not fit into
	  a single record
	the short-filename checksum byte is computed by adding up the
	  eleven bytes of the short filename, rotating the intermediate
	  sum right one bit before adding the next character
	the long filename is encoded as 16-bit Unicode characters; for most
	  filenames, this appears in the directory as the ASCII character
	  followed by 00h
SeeAlso: #01352,INT 21/AX=5704h,INT 21/AH=71h