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Table 3753

Format of 10NET node status record:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h  8 BYTEs	user name (0 if none)
 08h	BYTE	station type (see #03752)
 09h 24 BYTEs	list of superstations logged into more than one superstation
 21h 12 BYTEs	node ID
 2Dh	WORD	message count for this station (send for user node, receive for
---for superstations only---
 2Fh	WORD	drives allocated (bit 0=A:, bit 1=B:,...)
 31h	BYTE	user service flags (see #03754)
 32h	BYTE	printers allocated (bit 0=LPT1,...)
 33h	BYTE	number of unprinted spool files
 34h	BYTE	number of opened files
 35h	BYTE	number of logged on nodes
 36h	BYTE	primary drive (1=A:)
 37h	BYTE	reserved
 38h  N BYTEs	list of logged on node IDs (each 12 bytes, max 37 IDs)
1F4h  3 BYTEs	time: sec/min/hrs
1F7h  3 BYTEs	date: day/mon/year-1980

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