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Table 252

Format of Future Domain SCSI disk information block:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	BYTE	drive physical information (see #00253)
 01h	WORD	translated number of cylinders
 03h	BYTE	translated number of heads
 04h	BYTE	translated number of sectors per track (17, 34, or 63)
 05h	BYTE	drive address
		bits 0-2: logical unit number
		bits 3-5: device number
 06h	BYTE	01h at initialization
 07h	BYTE	sense code byte 00h, or extended sense code byte 0Ch
 08h	BYTE	00h
 09h	BYTE	00h or extended sense code byte 02h (sense key)
 0Ah	BYTE	00h
 0Bh 10 BYTEs	copy of Command Descriptor Block (CDB) (see #03236,#03237)
 15h	DWORD	translated number of sectors on device

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