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Table 1552

Format of parameter block for functions 5Fh and 7Fh:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	BYTE	level (0 for DOS 4.x-6.0)
 01h	BYTE	reserved (0)
 02h	WORD	length of following data (14)
 04h	WORD	control flags
		bit 0 set for blink, clear for intensity
		bits 1-15 reserved
 06h	BYTE	mode type (1=text, 2=graphics)
 07h	BYTE	reserved (0)
 08h	WORD	colors
		0000h = monochrome
		else N bits per pixel
 0Ah	WORD	pixel columns
 0Ch	WORD	pixel rows
 0Eh	WORD	character columns
 10h	WORD	character rows

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