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Table 451

Bitfields for DESQview pointer object bits:
Bit(s)	Description	)
 15	reserved, can't be set
 14-8	unused
 7	mouse pointer is hidden while in window
 6	get messages even if window not topmost
 5	get messages even if window not foreground
 4	multiple clicks separated by less than 1/3 second are counted and
	  returned in a single message
 3	pointer position is relative to screen origin, not window origin
 2	send message on button release as well as button press
 1	(DV 2.23+) send message with row=FFFFh and col=FFFFh whenever the
	  pointer leaves the window
 0	send message only on button activity, not movement
	DV-specific, and INT 15/AX=DE0Fh must have been called first

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