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Table 3051

Format of CAS status area:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	BYTE	event type (see #03050)
 01h	BYTE	transfer type
		00h 200x200 dpi, FAX mode
		01h 100x200 dpi, FAX mode
		02h file transfer mode
		03h to 7Fh reserved
 02h	WORD	event status (see #03052)
 04h	WORD	event time (packed DOS time format, see INT 21/AX=5700h)
 06h	WORD	event date (packed DOS date format, see INT 21/AX=5700h)
 08h	WORD	number of files to transfer, max 7FFFh
 0Ah	WORD	offset of file transfer record
 0Ch 47 BYTEs	ASCIZ phone number to call
 3Bh 64 BYTEs	ASCIZ application-specific tag string
 7Bh	BYTE	reserved (00h)
 7Ch	BYTE	connect time, seconds
 7Dh	BYTE	connect time, minutes
 7Eh	BYTE	connect time, hours
 7Fh	DWORD	total number of pages in all files
 83h	DWORD	pages already transmitted
 87h	WORD	number of files already transmitted
 89h	BYTE	cover page flag
		00h don't transmit cover page
		01h transmit cover page
		02h to 7Fh reserved
 8Ah	WORD	total number of transmission errors
 8Ch 78 BYTEs	reserved (zeros)
 DAh 21 BYTEs	ASCIZ remote FAX's CCITT identification
 EFH 32 BYTEs	ASCIZ destination name
10Fh 32 BYTEs	ASCIZ sender name
12Fh 80 BYTEs	filename of PCX logo file (max 1780x800 pixels)
17Fh 128 BYTEs	file transfer record for current event (see #03053)

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