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Table 3250

Values for NetBIOS command code field in NCB:
 10h	start session with NCB_NAME name (call)
 11h	listen for call
 12h	end session with NCB_NAME name (hangup)
 14h	send data via NCB_LSN
 15h	receive data from a session
 16h	receive data from any session
 17h	send multiple data buffers
 20h	send unACKed message (datagram)
 21h	receive datagram
 22h	send broadcast datagram
 23h	receive broadcast datagram
 30h	add name to name table
 31h	delete name from name table
 32h	reset adapter card and tables
 33h	get adapter status (see #03251)
 34h	status of all sessions for name (see #03253)
 35h	cancel
 36h	add group name to name table
 48h	send data and receive data (LAN Manager NETBEUI.DOS)
 70h	unlink from IBM remote program (no F0h function)
 71h	send data without ACK
 72h	send multiple buffers without ACK
 72h	UngermannBass Register (conflicts with above function)
 73h	UngermannBass SendNmc
 74h	UngermannBass Callniu
 75h	UngermannBass Calladdr
 76h	UngermannBass Listenaddr
 77h	UngermannBass SendPkt
 78h	find name
 78h	UngermannBass RcvPkt (conflicts with above function)
 79h	token-ring protocol trace
 79h	UngermannBass SendAttn (conflicts with above function)
 7Ah	UngermannBass RcvAttn
 7Bh	UngermannBass Listenniu
 7Ch	UngermannBass RcvRaw
 7Dh	UngermannBass SendNmc2
 7Fh	Beame&Whiteside BWNB installation check (returns with return code and
	  completion code both set to 03h, while invalid functions return only
	  return code field set to 03h)
Note:	OR any of the above except 70h with 80h for non-waiting call

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