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Table 1449

Format of CD-ROM control block:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	BYTE	data being requested (see #01448)
---function 00h---
 01h	DWORD	device driver header address (see also AH=52h,#01646)
---function 01h---
 01h	BYTE	(call) addressing mode
		00h HSG
		01h Red Book
 02h	DWORD	current location of drive's head
		logical sector number in HSG mode
		frame/second/minute/unused in Red Book mode
		(HSG sector = minute * 4500 + second * 75 + frame - 150)
---function 03h---
 01h  N BYTEs	undefined as of 5 Aug 88 specification
---function 04h---
 01h	BYTE	input channel (0-3) for output channel 0
 02h	BYTE	volume for output channel 0
 03h	BYTE	input channel (0-3) for output channel 1
 04h	BYTE	volume for output channel 1
 05h	BYTE	input channel (0-3) for output channel 2
 06h	BYTE	volume for output channel 2
 07h	BYTE	input channel (0-3) for output channel 3
 08h	BYTE	volume for output channel 3
Notes:	output channels 0 and 1 are left and right, 2 and 3 are left prime and
	  right prime; a volume of 00h is off
	the default setting is for each input channel to be assigned to the
	  same-numbered output channel at full (FFh) volume
---function 05h---
 01h	BYTE	number of bytes read
 02h 128 BYTEs	buffer for drive bytes
---function 06h---
 01h	DWORD	device parameters (see #01450)
---function 07h---
 01h	BYTE	(call) read mode
		00h cooked
		01h raw
 02h	WORD	(return) sector size in bytes
---function 08h---
 01h	DWORD	volume size in sectors
BUGS:	Aztech device driver v1.10 and v1.27 (at least) return the last sector
	  number, i.e. total number of sectors - 1
	Windows95 returns the total number of sectors + 150 (see the Red Book
	  to HSG conversion formula at function 01h to understand why this
---function 09h---
 01h	BYTE	media change status
		00h don't know
		01h media unchanged
		FFh media has been changed
---function 0Ah---
 01h	BYTE	lowest audio track number
 02h	BYTE	highest audio track number
 03h	DWORD	start address of lead-out track (Red Book format)
--function 0Bh---
 01h	BYTE	(call) track number
 02h	DWORD	starting point of track (Red Book format)
 06h	BYTE	track control info
		bits 15,14,12: track type (notice: bits not contiguous!)
			000 two audio channels, no pre-emphasis
			001 two audio channels with pre-emphasis
			010 data track
			100 four audio channels, no pre-emphasis
			101 four audio channels with pre-emphasis
			other reserved
		bit 13: digital copy permitted
---function 0Ch---
 01h	BYTE	CONTROL and ADR byte (as received from drive)
 02h	BYTE	track number
 03h	BYTE	point or index
 04h	BYTE	minute	\
 05h	BYTE	second	 > running time within track
 06h	BYTE	frame	/
 07h	BYTE	zero
 08h	BYTE	"AMIN" or "PMIN"     \
 09h	BYTE	"ASEC" or "PSEC"      > running time on disk
---function 0Dh---
 01h	DWORD	starting frame address (Red Book format)
 05h	DWORD	transfer address
 09h	DWORD	number of sectors to read
Note:	copies 96 bytes of sub-channel info per sector into buffer
---function 0Eh---
 01h	BYTE	CONTROL and ADR byte
 02h  7 BYTEs	UPC/EAN code (13 BCD digits,low-order nybble of last byte is 0)
 09h	BYTE	zero
---function 0Fh---
 ??? documentation not yet available
 01h	WORD	pause status (0000h not paused, 0001h paused)
 03h	DWORD	audio play start address
 07h	DWORD	??? audio play length or end address

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