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Table 4048

Format of REAL/32 system data area:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	DWORD	address of supervisor entry point
 04h 36 BYTEs	reserved
 28h	DWORD	address of XIOS entry point
 2Ch	DWORD	address of XIOS initialization point
 30h  8 BYTEs	reserved
 38h	DWORD	address of IRET dispatcher entry point
 3Ch	DWORD	address of RETF dispatcher entry point
 40h	WORD	segment of operating system code
 42h	WORD	paragraph address of first Resident System Process (RSP)
 44h	WORD	paragraph after OS system area
 46h	BYTE	reserved
 47h	BYTE	number of system console devices
 48h	BYTE	number of system list (printer) devices
 49h	BYTE	number of Character Control blocks
 4Ah	BYTE	number of system flags
 4Bh	BYTE	current search disk
 4Ch	WORD	maximum memory per process
 4Eh	BYTE	reserved
 4Fh	BYTE	"dayfile" (flag, true if FFh)
 50h	BYTE	default disk for temporary files
 51h	BYTE	system ticks per second (typically 60)
 52h	WORD	offset of Locked Unused list
 54h	WORD	offset of CCB table
 56h	WORD	offset of system flag table
 58h	WORD	offset of root of Memory Descriptor Unused list
 5Ah	WORD	offset of Memory Free list
 5Ch	WORD	offset of Process Unused list
 5Eh	WORD	offset of Queue Unused list
 60h  4 WORDs	(no longer used) QMAU
 68h	WORD	offset of root of Ready List
 6Ah	WORD	offset of root of Delay List
 6Ch	WORD	offset of Dispatcher Ready list
 6Eh	WORD	offset of root of Poll List
 70h	WORD	reserved
 72h	WORD	offset of root of Thread List
 74h	WORD	offset of root of Queue List
 76h	WORD	offset of Memory Allocation list
 78h	WORD	segment of version string
 7Ah	WORD	BDOS version number
 7Ch	WORD	OS version number
 7Eh	WORD	number of days since 1978/01/01
 80h	BYTE	current time: hour
 81h	BYTE	current time: minute
 82h	BYTE	current time: second
 83h	BYTE	number of XIOS consoles
 84h	BYTE	number of XIOS list (printer) devices
 85h	BYTE	total number of character devices
 86h	WORD	offset of LCB table
 88h	WORD	bitmap of open files
 8Ah	BYTE	maximum locked records per process
 8Bh	BYTE	maximum open files per process
 8Ch	WORD	offset of process descriptor for math coprocessor's owner
 8Eh	WORD	offset of Auxiliary Control Block
 90h  8 BYTEs	reserved
 98h	WORD	offset of root Memory Window Descriptor
 9Ah	WORD	reserved
 9Ch	BYTE	number of Auxiliary Control Blocks
 9Dh	BYTE	default search disk
 9Eh	BYTE	reserved
 9Fh	BYTE	number of physical consoles
 A0h	DWORD	address of 8087 interrupt handler
 A4h	DWORD	address of default 8087 exception handler
 ...		reserved
C00h 82 BYTEs	XIOS header structure (see #04049)

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