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Table 3748

Format of HP EX-BIOS global data area:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h 20 BYTEs	reserved
 14h	BYTE	sound driver status
 15h	BYTE	number of pending key clicks (max 4) (see AH=34h/BP=0012h)
 16h	BYTE	current tick duration scaling factor
 17h	BYTE	current key click volume
 18h	WORD	current beep period (10 us increments) (see AH=3Ch/BP=0012h)
 1Ah	WORD	current beep duration (10 us increments)
 1Ch	BYTE	number of pending beep functions (max 4) (see AH=3Ah/BP=0012h)
 1Dh	BYTE	reserved
 1Eh	WORD	next unused string index number
 20h	...	reserved
SeeAlso: #03745

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