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Table 2648

Call REBOOT protected-mode entry point with:
	AX = function
	    0100h warm boot
		Return: never
		Note:	broadcasts "Reboot_Processor" message, which is caught
			  by the VKD device
	    0201h set KERNEL Ctrl-Alt-Del handler
		ES:DI -> new Ctrl-Alt-Del handler
		DS:SI -> KERNEL reboot sanity check byte
		Return: CF clear
		Notes:	if an application installs its own handler and then
			  chains to Windows' handler, Windows will no longer
			  be able to detect hung applications, and will always
			  produce an "Application not responding" dialog
			DS must contain a writable, fixed selector because
			  the provided address is converted to a linear address
			  before being stored
			when Ctrl-Alt-Del is pressed in the system VM, Reboot
			  sets the sanity check byte to zero, schedules a
			  750ms wait, and then tests whether the check byte is
			  still zero; if not, it displays a message that there
			  is no hung application and then exits
	    0202h get KERNEL Ctrl-Alt-Del handler
		Return: CF clear
			ES:DI -> current Ctrl-Alt-Del handler
		Note:	the default handler is located in KERNEL
	    0203h display "Application not responding" dialog box
		ES:DI -> ASCIZ name of hung application
		Return: never if user pressed Ctrl-Alt-Del a second time
			CF clear
			AX = result
			    0000h user pressed Esc
			    0001h user pressed Enter
		Note:	this function is used by the default Windows
			  Ctrl-Alt-Del handler
	    0204h set/reset protected-mode INT 01 handler
		CX:EDX -> new protected-mode INT 01 handler
		CX = 0000h restore protected-mode INT 01 handler
		Return: CF clear
		Notes:	if CX is nonzero, the current handler address is saved
			  internally before the new handler is set; this saved
			  address is then used when CX is zero on entry
			used by Windows' default Ctrl-Alt-Del handler; actual
			  fatal exit to DOS will be done on next INT 01
		Warning: opened files are not closed and remain open as
			  orphaned files in DOS
Note:	functions 0201h and 0203h are not useful outside the system VM
SeeAlso: #01271,#01273

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