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Table 347

Format of HUNTER 16 communications parameters:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	BYTE	communications type (00h IBM, nonzero Husky)
 01h	BYTE	port number (00h COM1, 01h COM2)
 02h	BYTE	baud rate (00h 110 bps, 01h 150, 02h 300, 03h 600, 04h 1200,
		  05h 2400, 06h 4800, 07h 9600, 08h 19200, 09h 38400)
 03h	BYTE	data bits (01h seven, 02h eight)
 04h	BYTE	parity (00h none, 01h odd, 02h even)
 05h	BYTE	stop bits (00h one, 01h two)
 06h	BYTE	handshake (see #00348)
 07h	BYTE	handshake protocol (00h none, 01h Xon/Xoff, 02h HWK3780)
 08h	BYTE	Nulls after CR (0-20)
 09h	BYTE	LF (00h off, 01h on)
 0Ah	BYTE	Serig. 0..7Fh: Ignore this character
		       80h: Serig off
 0Bh	BYTE	echo (00h off, 01h on)
 0Ch	BYTE	transmit timeout in seconds (1-60) or 00h to disable
 0Dh	BYTE	receive timeout in seconds (1-60) or 00h to disable
 0Eh  5 BYTEs	reserved

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