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Table 2646

Call VTD.386/VTD.VXD entry point with:
	AX = function number
	    0000h get VTD version number
		Return: CF clear
			AH = major version
			AL = minor version
	    0100h get current clock tick time
		Return: EDX:EAX = clock tick time in 840ns units since Windows
				  was started
	    0101h get current system time in milliseconds
		Return: EAX = time in milliseconds that Windows has been
	    0102h get current virtual machine time
		Return: EAX = cumulative amount of time the virtual machine has
				  been active, in milliseconds
Note:	this entry point should only be called directly when TOOLHELP.DLL
	  TimerCount() cannot be called
SeeAlso: #01268,#01270,#01269 at INT 20"Windows"

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