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Table 1546

Values for generic character IOCTL function:
 00h	MAC driver Bind (STARLITE) (see #01547)
 40h	DOS 3??? only: was reserved for set screen mode (see #04116)
 45h	set iteration (retry) count (see #01548)
 4Ah	select code page (see #01549)
 4Ch	start code-page preparation (see #01550)
 4Dh	end code-page preparation (see #01551)
 5Fh	set display information (DOS 4.0+) (see #01552)
 60h	DOS 3??? only: was reserved for get screen mode (see #04116)
 65h	get iteration (retry) count
 6Ah	query selected code page (see #01549)
 6Bh	query codepage prepare list (DOS 4.0+) (see #01553)
 7Fh	get display information (DOS 4.0+) (see #01552)
Note:	bit assignments for function code:
	    bit 7: set to ignore if unsupported, clear to return error
	    bit 6: set if passed to driver, clear if intercepted by DOS
	    bit 5: set if queries data from device, clear if sends command
		(by convention, if a function both queries and sends data,
		  bit 5 should be clear)
	    bits 4-0: subfunction

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