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Table 3245

Format of Starlan Network Control Block:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	BYTE	ncb_command (see also #03250)
		70h send net Break
 01h	BYTE	ncb_retcode
 02h	BYTE	ncb_lsn
 03h	BYTE	ncb_num
 04h	DWORD	-> ncb_buffer
 08h	WORD	ncb_length
 0Ah 16 BYTEs	ncb_callname
 1Ah 16 BYTEs	ncb_name
 2Ah	BYTE	ncb_rto
 2Bh	BYTE	ncb_sto
 2Ch	DWORD	-> ncb_post	/* int (far *ncb_post)(); */
 30h	BYTE	ncb_lana_num
 31h	BYTE	ncb_cmd_cplt
 32h	DWORD	-> ncb_vname
 36h	BYTE	ncb_vnamelen
 37h  9 BYTEs	ncb_reserve
Note:	fields 00h-31h are the same as for a standard NetBIOS NCB (see #03249)

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