Format of Interlnk device driver header:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	DWORD	pointer to next driver, offset=FFFFh if last driver
 04h	WORD	device attributes (see #01647,#01648)
 06h	WORD	device strategy entry point
 08h	WORD	device interrupt entry point
 0Ah  8 BYTEs	character device name "NUL2    "
 12h 165 BYTEs	???
 B7h 67 BYTEs	fully qualified Interlnk filename
 FAh  6 BYTEs	???
100h	DWORD	pointer back to Interlnk filename at offset B7h
104h  8 BYTEs	???
10Ch	BYTE	total number of redirected drives
10Dh	BYTE	first local drive number (0=A:)
10Eh	BYTE	printer redirection (0=no, 1=yes)
10Fh	BYTE	???
110h  3	BYTEs	LPT1...3 status (0FFh=invalid)
113h 26 BYTEs	remote drive number (0=A:, 0FEh=unused) (refer to note below)
12Dh 26 BYTEs	always 0FEh ???
147h 26 BYTEs	always 0FFh ???
Note:	to obtain the remote drive number, subtract the value at offset 10Ch
	  from the local drive number before indexing into the table at 113h
	  (example: if local drives F, G, H are remote drives C, F, E then
	  the first three bytes at offset 113h are 02h, 05h, 04h)
	for each instance of Interlnk, an extra device driver is loaded, but
	  all have the same device name NUL2
SeeAlso: #01646 at INT 21/AH=52h