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Table 2545

Values for critical error code:
 00h   (0)  write-protection violation attempted
 01h   (1)  unknown unit for driver
 02h   (2)  drive not ready
 03h   (3)  unknown command given to driver
 04h   (4)  data error (bad CRC)
 05h   (5)  bad device driver request structure length
 06h   (6)  seek error
 07h   (7)  unknown media type (non-DOS disk)
 08h   (8)  sector not found
 09h   (9)  printer out of paper
 0Ah  (10)  write fault
 0Bh  (11)  read fault
 0Ch  (12)  general failure
 0Dh  (13)  (DOS 3.0+, "multitasking" DOS, PTS-DOS & S/DOS) sharing violation
 0Eh  (14)  (DOS 3.0+) lock violation
 0Fh  (15)  invalid disk change / wrong disk
 10h  (16)  (DOS 3.0+) FCB unavailable
 10h  (16)  uncertain media
 11h  (17)  (DOS 3.0+) sharing buffer overflow
 11h  (17)  character call interrupted
 12h  (18)  (DOS 4.0+) code page mismatch
 13h  (19)  (DOS 4.0+) out of input
 14h  (20)  (DOS 4.0+) insufficient disk space
Note:	Critical error codes 00h..0Ch are the traditional codes reported
	  through INT 24.  These code assignments are mapped to error codes
	  13h..1Fh reported by INT21/AH=59h (see #01680).  Similarly, the
	  DOS 3.x critical error codes 0Dh..11h are mapped to INT21/AH=59h
	  error codes 20h..24h, however, the DOS 4.0+ critical error codes are
	  not mapped.
BUG:	Paragon Technology Systems' S/DOS 1.0 sources (a stripped down issue
	  of PTS-DOS 6.51 with sources on CD) erroneously list DOS INT 24
	  error	codes 12h..14h as 11h..13h, however, since the sources do not
	  make use of these defines, this seems to be only a documentation
SeeAlso: #02544,#02546,#01680

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