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Table 1345

Format of File Control Block:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	BYTE	drive number (0 = default, 1 = A, etc)
		FFh is not allowed (signals extended FCB, see #01346)
 01h  8 BYTEs	blank-padded file name
 09h  3 BYTEs	blank-padded file extension
 0Ch	WORD	current block number
 0Eh	WORD	logical record size
 10h	DWORD	file size
 14h	WORD	date of last write (see #01666 at AX=5700h)
 16h	WORD	time of last write (see #01665 at AX=5700h) (DOS 1.1+)
 18h  8 BYTEs	reserved (see #01347,#01348,#01349,#01350,#01351)
 20h	BYTE	record within current block
 21h	DWORD	random access record number (if record size is > 64 bytes, high
		  byte is omitted)
SeeAlso: #01346

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