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Table 544

Format of AMI BIOS Flash ROM parameter block:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h 32 BYTEs	ASCIZ description of the file's contents
 20h	BYTE	Logical area type (see #00545)
 21h	DWORD	logical area size (overall size of area)
 25h	BYTE	flag: load from file (FF=yes, 00=no)
 26h	BYTE	flag: reboot after update (FF=yes, 00=no)
 27h	BYTE	flag: update entire image (FF=yes, 00=no)
 28h 24	BYTEs	ASCIZ logical area name (cooresponds to offset 20)
		"System BIOS"
		"Logo Data Area", etc.
 40h 15 BYTEs	ASCIZ time stamp string: MM/DD/YY-HH:MM
 4Fh	BYTE	checksum for this header (sum of all bytes except this one)
		if checksum would be 00h,01h, or FFh, it is set to 2Ah
 50h	DWORD	this file's starting address (offset in image)
 54h	DWORD	size of image chunk in this file
 58h	BYTE	logical area type - same as offset 20h
 59h	BYTE	flag: last file in chain (FF=yes, 00=no)
 5Ah  6 BYTEs	ASCIZ signature "FLASH"
 60h 16 BYTEs	ASCIZ filename of next file in chain
 70h 16 BYTEs	ASCIZ BIOS reserved string (usually version #)
Notes:	this block is identical in format to the 128-byte header on an AMI
	  BIOS Update file
	for AX=DB00h, the following fields must be specified: 50h,54h,58h;
	  the fields at offset 20h and 5Ah should also be set if possible
	the fields at offsets 40h and 70h will be set on return, if available
SeeAlso: #00546

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