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Table 2944

Format of FaxBIOS SCHED_ADD_FILE command buffer:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h 12 BYTEs	common data (see #02935)
 0Ch	WORD	schedule handle
 0Eh	WORD	file type
		0000h unidentified
		0001h native file format
		0002h ASCII
		0003h FaxBIOS Tiff Class F
 10h 80 BYTEs	file name
 60h 80 BYTEs	font token
 B0h	WORD	conversion options bitmap
 B2h	WORD	resolution
		0000h standard 98 lines per inch, 204 dpi
		0001h fine 196 lines per inch, 204 dpi
		0002h Group4 300 dpi
		0003h Group4 400 dpi
 B4h	WORD	page length
		0000h 279 mm (11 in)
		0001h 297 mm (11.69 in)
		0002h 364 mm (14.33 in)
		0003h unlimited
 B6h	WORD	page width
		0000h 215 mm (8.46 in)
		0001h 255 mm (10.04 in)
		0002h 303 mm (11.93 in)
		0003h 151 mm (5.91 in)
		0004h 107 mm (4.21 in)
 B8h	WORD	binary file transfer specification
		0000h only as FAX
		0001h only as file (for non-faxable files)
		0002h as file when possible else FAX
 BAh	WORD	seam flag (nonzero for seam with next)
 BCh	WORD	delete flag (nonzero to delete when done)
 BEh  6 BYTEs	future expansion
 C4h	WORD	structure size
SeeAlso: #02943,#02945

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