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Table 1244

Format of Intel Plug-and-Play Extended System Configuration Data table:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	WORD	total length of this table
 02h  4 BYTEs	signature "ACFG"
 06h	BYTE	minor version number
 07h	BYTE	major version number (currently 02h)
 08h	BYTE	number of boards listed in the configuration data
 09h  3 BYTEs	reserved (00h)
 0Ch	var	board data
	WORD	checksum
Notes:	this table contains information about the standard devices in the
	  system, such as serial ports, parallel ports, etc.  For each device,
	  it includes at least the I/O port address (03F8h,02F8h,0378h,etc).
	the sum of all words in the table, including the checksum field (with
	  implied zero padding if the length is odd), must equal 0000h
SeeAlso: #01245

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