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Table 3143

Values for DPMI 1.0 error code:
 0000h-7FFFh DOS error passed through by DPMI
 8001h	unsupported function
 8002h	object in wrong state for function
 8003h	system integrity would be endangered
 8004h	deadlock detected
 8005h	pending serialization request cancelled
 8010h	out of DPMI internal resources
 8011h	descriptor unavailable
 8012h	linear memory unavailable
 8013h	physical memory unavailable
 8014h	backing store unavailable
 8015h	callback unavailable
 8016h	handle unavailable
 8017h	maximum lock count exceeded
 8018h	shared memory already serialized exclusively by another
 8019h	shared memory already serialized shared by another client
 8021h	invalid value for numeric or flag parameter
 8022h	invalid segment selector
 8023h	invalid handle
 8024h	invalid callback
 8025h	invalid linear address
 8026h	request not supported by hardware

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