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Table 3842

Values for Btrieve status code:
 00h	successful
 01h	invalid operation
 02h	I/O error
 03h	file not open
 04h	key value not found
 05h	duplicate key value
 06h	invalid key number
 07h	different key number
 08h	invalid positioning
 09h	end of file
 0Ah	modifiable key value error
 0Bh	invalid file name
 0Ch	file not found
 0Dh	extended file error
 0Eh	pre-image open error
 0Fh	pre-image I/O error
 10h	expansion error
 11h	close error
 12h	disk full
 13h	unrecoverable error
 14h	record manager inactive
 15h	key buffer too short
 16h	data buffer length overrun
 17h	position block length
 18h	page size error
 19h	create I/O error
 1Ah	number of keys
 1Bh	invalid key position
 1Ch	invalid record length
 1Dh	invalid key length
 1Eh	not a Btrieve file
 1Fh	file already extended
 20h	extended I/O error
 22h	invalid extension name
 23h	directory error
 24h	transaction error
 25h	transaction is active
 26h	transaction control file I/O error
 27h	end/abort transaction error
 28h	transaction max files
 29h	operation not allowed
 2Ah	incomplete accelerated access
 2Bh	invalid record address
 2Ch	null key path
 2Dh	inconsistent key flags
 2Eh	access to file denied
 2Fh	maximum open files
 30h	invalid alternate sequence definition
 31h	key type error
 32h	owner already set
 33h	invalid owner
 34h	error writing cache
 35h	invalid interface
 36h	variable page error
 37h	autoincrement error
 38h	incomplete index
 39h	expanded memory error
 3Ah	compression buffer too short
 3Bh	file already exists
 3Ch	reject count reached
 3Dh	work space too small
 3Eh	incorrect descriptor
 3Fh	invalid extended insert
 40h	filter limit reached
 41h	incorrect field offset
 4Ah	automatic transaction abort
 4Dh	Btrieve engine busy or resource locked by another user
 4Eh	deadlock detected
 50h	conflict
 51h	lock error
 52h	lost position
 53h	read outside transaction
 54h	record in use
 55h	file in use
 56h	file table full
 57h	handle table full
 58h	incompatible open mode
 5Ah	redirected device table full
 5Bh	server error
 5Ch	transaction table full
 5Dh	incompatible lock type
 5Eh	permission error
 5Fh	session no longer valid
 60h	communications environment error
 61h	data message too small
 62h	internal transaction error

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