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Table 3742

Values for HP Vectra EX-BIOS ISR data type:
 00h	reserved "T_KC_R0"
 01h	reserved "T_KC_R1"
 02h	ASCII data
 03h	reserved "T_KC_R3"
 04h	HP150 keyboard (ITF) scancode
 05h	reserved "T_KC_R5"
 06h	device-definable type
 07h	HP Vectra keyboard set
 08h	IBM AT scancode set
 09h	button data
 0Ah	IBM PC scancode set
 0Bh	Softkey keypad (F1-F8)
 0Ch	function key keypad (F1-F10)
 0Dh	HP Cursor Control Pad keypad
 0Eh	Qwerty keypad
 0Fh	Numeric keypad
 1xh	bit 4 set: string of CX scancode of type 0xh at ES:SI
 2xh	bit 5 set: BH contains current keyboard state
 40h	signed 8-bit relative data
 41h	signed 16-bit relative data
 42h	unsigned 8-bit absolute data
 43h	unsigned 16-bit absolute data
 45h	specially-formed data (80x25) generated by V_LTOUCH
 46h	specially-formed data (640x200) generated by V_LTABLET
 47h	specially-formed data (640x200) generated by V_LPOINTER

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