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Table 3142

Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h 26 BITs	drive list (bit set: file protection on, cleared: off):
 00h	BYTE	drives	A: - H:
 01h	BYTE	drives	I: - P:
 02h	BYTE	drives	Q: - X:
 03h	BYTE	drives	Y: - Z:
 04h	BYTE	which files to protect
		00h all files
		01h all files with extension in list
		02h all files except those with extension in list
 05h 27 BYTEs	filename extension list (9 entries, uppercase, ASCIZ)
 20h	BYTE	include files with archive bit clear (00h no, 01h yes)
 21h	WORD	number of days after which files are purged (0 = never)
 23h	WORD	max kilobytes of erased file space to hold (0 = all)
Note:	CX:03D2h -> copy in installed TSR (v5)
	CX:03F5h -> copy in installed TSR (v6)
	CX:0434h -> copy in installed TSR (v7-v8)

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