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Table 2842

Format of TSR internal data area:
Offset	Size	Description	)
 00h	BYTE	revision level of TesSeRact library
 01h	BYTE	type of popup in effect
 02h	BYTE	INT 08 occurred since last invocation
 03h	BYTE	INT 13 occurred since last invocation
 04h	BYTE	active interrupts
 05h	BYTE	active soft interrupts
 06h	BYTE	DOS major version
 07h	BYTE	how long to wait before popping up
 08h	DWORD	pointer to INDOS flag
 0CH	DWORD	pointer to DOS critical error flag
 10h	WORD	PSP segment of interrupted program
 12h	WORD	PSP segment of prog interrupted by INT 28
 14h	DWORD	DTA of interrupted program
 18h	DWORD	DTA of program interrupted by INT 28
 1Ch	WORD	SS of interrupted program
 1Eh	WORD	SP of interrupted program
 20h	WORD	SS of program interrupted by INT 28
 22h	WORD	SP of program interrupted by INT 28
 24h	DWORD	INT 24 of interrupted program
 28h  3 WORDs	DOS 3.0+ extended error info
 2Eh	BYTE	old BREAK setting
 2Fh	BYTE	old VERIFY setting
 30h	BYTE	were running MS WORD 4.0 before popup
 31h	BYTE	MS WORD 4.0 special popup flag
 32h	BYTE	enhanced keyboard call in use
 33h	BYTE	delay for MS WORD 4.0
11 times (for INTs 08h,09h,13h,16h,1Ch,21h,28h,2Fh,1Bh,23h, and 24h):
	DWORD	old interrupt vector
	BYTE	interrupt number
	WORD	offset in TesSeRact code segment of new interrupt handler

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