Values for MS Windows VxD ID:
Value	Name   CallOut V86 PM	Description
 0000h	ACT200L	     ?	?  ?	IrDA Infrared ActiSys framer VxD
 0000h	ACT220L	     ?	?  ?	IrDA Infrared ActiSys 220 framer VxD
 0000h	ADAPTEC	     ?	?  ?	IrDA Infrared Adaptec framer VxD
 0000h	AM1500T	     ?	N  N	(Win95)
 0000h	ATI	     ?	N  N	(Win95) ATI display driver
 0000h	ATIPPCAP     ?	N  Y	ATI Rage128-based video card
 0000h	CDFS	     ?	N  N
 0000h	CDTSD	     ?	N  N	(Win95) CD-ROM Type-Specific Driver
 0000h	CE2NDIS3     ?	N  N	(W4Wg)
 0000h	CENDIS	     ?	N  N	(W4Wg)
 0000h	CHIPS	     ?	N  N	(Win95) Chips&Tech display driver
 0000h	CIRRUS	     ?	N  N	(Win95) Cirrus display driver
 0000h	CTNDW	     ?	N  N	(W4Wg)
 0000h	CTVSD	     ?	N  N	(Win95) CD-ROM Vendor-Specific Driver
 0000h	CM2NDIS3     ?	N  N	(W4Wg)
 0000h	COMBUFF	     ?	N  N	(Win95)
 0000h	COMPAQ	     ?	N  N	(Win95) Compaq display driver
 0000h	CPQNDIS3     ?	N  N	(W4Wg)
 0000h	CRYSTAL	     ?	?  ?	IrDA Infrared Crystal framer VxD
 0000h	CWCENUM	     ?	N  N	(Win95SR2???)
 0000h	CWCSPUD3     ?	N  N	(Win95SR2???)
 0000h	DBKVSSD	     ?	N  N	(Win95) Databook PCMCIA socket services???
 0000h	DDOM95	     ?	N  N
 0000h	DECLAN	     ?	N  N	(W4Wg)
 0000h	DiskTSD	     ?	N  N	(Win95) hard-disk Type-Specific Driver
 0000h	DiskVSD	     ?	N  N	(Win95) hard-disk Vendor-Specific Driver
 0000h	DMICTVXD     ?	N  N
 0000h	DMMDVDX	     ?	N  N	Diamond MaximumDVD
 0000h	DRVSPACX     ?	N  N	(Win95)
 0000h	E30N3	     ?	N  N	(W4Wg)
 0000h	E31N3		N  N	(W4Wg)
 0000h	EE16		N  N	(W4Wg)
 0000h	EISA		N  N	(Win95)
 0000h	EL59X		N  N	(Win95)
 0000h	ELNK16		N  N	(W4Wg)
 0000h	ELNK3		N  N	(Win95)
 0000h	ELNKII		N  N	(W4Wg)
 0000h	ELNKMC		N  N	(W4Wg)
 0000h	ELPC3		N  N	(W4Wg)
 0000h	ENABLE2		N  N	(Win95)
 0000h	ENABLE4		N  N	(Win95)
 0000h	EPRO		N  N	(Win95)
 0000h	ES1488V		N  N	(Win95)
 0000h	ES1688V		N  N	(Win95)
 0000h	ES488V		N  N	(Win95)
 0000h	ES688V		N  N	(Win95)
 0000h	ESI		?  ?	IrDA Infrared ESI framer VxD
 0000h	FILEMON		N  N	DOS386 File Monitor
 0000h	FLS1MTD		N  N	(Win95) flash-memory driver???
 0000h	FLS2MTD		N  N	(Win95) flash-memory driver???
 0000h	HPEISA		N  N	(W4Wg)
 0000h	HPFEND		N  N	(W4Wg)
 0000h	HPISA		N  N	(W4Wg)
 0000h	HPMCA		N  N	(W4Wg)
 0000h	HSFLOP		N  N
 0000h	IBMTOK		N  N	(W4Wg)
 0000h	IBMTOK4		N  N	(Win95)
 0000h	IRCOMM		?  ?	IrDA Infrared Virtual COM/LPT driver
 0000h	IRLAMPEX	?  ?	IrDA Infrared Protocol VxD
 0000h	IRLAPFRM	?  ?	IrDA Infrared Virtual COM/LPT frame driver
 0000h	IRMATRAK	N  N	(W4Wg)
 0000h	JAVASUP		N  N	Internet Explorer JAVA support
 0000h	KEYREMAP	N  N	(Windows95 PowerToys) shift-key remapper
 0000h	LPT	     N	N  N	(Win4Workgroups 3.11) DOS386 LPT Device
 0000h	LPTENUM	     ?	N  N
 0000h	MONVSD	     ?	?  ?
 0000h	MGA	     ?	N  N	(Win95) Matrox MGA display driver
 0000h	MSMINI	     ?	N  N	(Win95)
 0000h	MSODISUP     N	N  N	(Win4Workgroups 3.11) MS ODI Support
 0000h	mvpas	     ?	N  N	(Win95) Pro Audio Spectrum driver
 0000h	NECATAPI     ?	N  N	(Win95)
 0000h	NICE	     ?	N  N	(Win95)
 0000h	NTI4CDR	     ?	Y  Y	NTI CD-R/CD-RW
 0000h	NV3	     ?	N  N	(Win95SR2)
 0000h	NWNBLINK     N	N  N	(Win4Workgroups 3.11) Netware NetBIOS
 0000h	OAK		N  N	(Win95) Oak Tech display driver
 0000h	OCTK32		N  N	(W4Wg)
 0000h	OTCETH		N  N	(W4Wg)
 0000h	PARALINK	N  N	(Win95)
 0000h	PARALLAX	?  ?	IrDA Infrared Parallax framer VxD
 0000h	PCNTN3		N  N	(W4Wg)
 0000h	PE3NDIS		N  N	(W4Wg)
 0000h	PPM		N  N	(Win95)
 0000h	PROTEON		N  N	(W4Wg)
 0000h	QEMMFix		N  N
 0000h	QIC117		N  N	(Win95) QIC-117 floppy-ctrl tape drive
 0000h	QPI		N  N	QEMM Programming Interface (see INT 67/AH=3Fh)
 0000h	RMM		N  N	Real-Mode Mapper for hw with real-mode drivers
 0000h	S3		N  N	(Win95) S3 display driver
 0000h	S3INFO		N  N
 0000h	S3MINI		N  N	S3 display driver
 0000h	SAGE		N  N	(Plus!) System Agent
 0000h	sage		N  N	(Plus! for Win95) System Agent
 0000h	scsi1hlp	N  N	(Win95)
 0000h	SERENUM		N  N
 0000h	SERIAL	     N	N  N	(Win4Workgroups 3.11) DOS386 Serial Device
 0000h	SERWAVE	     ?	N  N
 0000h	SETP3	     ?	N  N	(Win95) Silicon Ethernet Pocket Adapter
 0000h	SLMSDENM     ?	Y  Y	
 0000h	SMARTVSD     ?	N  N	(EZ-SMART???)
 0000h	SMC8000W     ?	N  N	(W4Wg)
 0000h	SMC80PC	     ?	N  N	(W4Wg)
 0000h	SMC8100W     ?	N  N	(W4Wg)
 0000h	SMC8232W     ?	N  N	(W4Wg)
 0000h	SMC9000	     ?	N  N	(W4Wg)
 0000h	SNIP	     ?	N  N	(W4Wg)
 0000h	SOCKET	     ?	N  N	(W4Wg)
 0000h	SOCKETSV     ?	N  N	(Win95)
 0000h	SPAP	     ?	Y  Y	(Win95)
 0000h	SPENDIS	     ?	N  N	(Win95)
 0000h	SRAMMTD	     ?	N  N	(Win95) flash-memory driver???
 0000h	STLTH64	     ?	N  N	Diamond Stealth64 driver
 0000h	STLTHMON     ?	N  N
 0000h	T20N3	     ?	N  N	(W4Wg)
 0000h	T30N3	     ?	N  N	(W4Wg)
 0000h	TCTOK	     ?	N  N	(W4Wg)
 0000h	TSENG	     ?	N  N	(Win95) Tseng Labs display driver
 0000h	UBNEI	     ?	N  N	(W4Wg)
 0000h	UNIMODEM     ?	?  ?	(Win95) Universal Modem Driver
 0000h	VDEF	     ?	N  N	(Win95)
 0000h	VGATEWAY     ?	N  Y	(Win95) dialin gateway
 0000h	VIDEO7	     ?	N  N	(Win95) Video7 display driver
 0000h	VRomD	     ?	N  N	(Win95)
 0000h	VStDspcD     ?	?  ?	Quarterdeck Stealth D*Space
 0000h	VXDMON	     ?	?  ?
 0000h	WD	     ?	N  N	(Win95)
 0000h	WINTOP	     ?	N  N	(Windows95 Power Toys)
 0000h	WSHTCP	     ?	N  N
 0000h	XGA	     ?	N  N	(Win95) XGA display driver
 0001h	VMM	     ?	N  N	Virtual Machine Manager
 0001h	VMM	     ?	Y  Y	Windows95 Virtual Machine Manager
 0002h	Debug	     ?	?  ?
 0003h	VPICD	     ?	Y  Y	Virtual Prog. Interrupt Controller (PIC) Device
 0004h	VDMAD	     ?	N  N	Virtual Direct Memory Access (DMA) Device
 0005h	VTD	     ?	Y  Y	Virtual Timer Device
 0006h	V86MMGR	     Y	N  N	(Windows3.x) Virtual 8086 Mode Device
 0006h	V86MMGR	     ?	N  Y	(Win95) Virtual 8068 Mode Device
 0007h	PageSwap     ?	N  N	Paging Device
 0008h	Parity	     ?	N  N	Parity-check trapper
 0009h	Reboot	     ?	N  Y	Ctrl-Alt-Del handler
 000Ah	VDD	     ?	N  Y	Virtual Display Device (GRABBER)
 000Bh	VSD	     ?	N  N	Virtual Sound Device
 000Ch	VMD	     Y	Y  Y	Virtual Mouse Device
 000Dh	VKD	     ?	N  Y	Virtual Keyboard Device
 000Eh	VCD	     ?	N  Y	Virtual COMM Device
 000Fh	VPD	     ?	N  Y	Virtual Printer Device
 0010h	VHD	     ?	?  ?	Virtual Hard Disk Device (Windows 3.0)
 0010h	BLOCKDEV     Y	N  N	Virtual Hard Disk Device (Windows 3.1)
 0010h	IOS	     N	N  N	(Win4Workgroups 3.11) DOS386 IOS Device
 0010h	IOS	     ?	Y  Y	Windows95 I/O Supervisor
 0011h	VMCPD	     ?	Y  Y	(Windows3.x) Virtual Math CoProcessor Device
 0011h	VMCPD	     ?	N  Y	(Win95) Virtual Math CoProcessor Device
 0012h	EBIOS	     ?	N  N	Reserve EBIOS page (e.g., on PS/2)
 0013h	BIOSXLAT     ?	N  N	Map ROM BIOS API between prot & V86 mode
 0014h	VNETBIOS     Y	N  N	Virtual NetBIOS Device
 0015h	DOSMGR	     Y	Y  N	DOS data instancing (see #02656)
 0016h	WINLOAD	     ?	?  ?
 0017h	SHELL	     ?	N  Y	(Windows3)
 0017h	SHELL	     ?	Y  Y	(Win95)
 0018h	VMPOLL	     Y	N  N
 0019h	VPROD	     ?	?  ?
 001Ah	DOSNET	     ?	N  N	assures network integrity across VMs
 001Ah	VNETWARE     ?	Y  Y	Novell NetWare DOSNET replacement
 001Bh	VFD	     ?	N  N	Virtual Floppy Device
 001Ch	VDD2	     ?	?  ?	Secondary display adapter
 001Ch	LoadHi	     ?	N  N	Netroom LoadHi Device (RMLODHI.VXD)
 001Ch	LoadHi	     ?	N  N	386MAX LoadHi Device (386MAX.VXD)
 001Ch	LoadHi	     ?	N  N	Win386 LoadHi Device (EMM386.EXE)
 001Dh	WINDEBUG     ?	N  Y
 001Dh	TDDebug	     ?	N  Y
 001Eh	TSRLoad	     ?	?  ?	TSR instance utility
 001Fh	BiosHook     ?	?  ?	BIOS interrupt hooker VxD
 0020h	Int13	     N	N  N
 0021h	PageFile     Y	N  Y	Paging File device
 0022h	SCSI	     ?	?  ?
 0022h	APIX	     ?	N  Y	(Win95)
 0023h	MCA_POS	     ?	?  ?	Microchannel Programmable Option Select
 0024h	SCSIFD	     ?	?  ?	SCSI FastDisk device
 0025h	VPEND	     ?	?  ?	Pen device
 0026h	APM	     ?	?  ?	Advanced Power Management
 0026h	VPOWERD	     ?	Y  Y	(Win95) power management
 0027h	VXDLDR	     N	Y  Y	(Win4Wg 3.11/Win95) VXD Loader
 0028h	NDIS	     N	Y  Y	(Win4Wg 3.11) Network Driver Interface Spec
 0029h	???
 002Ah	VWIN32	     ?	N  Y	(Win95)
 002Bh	VCOMM	     N	Y  Y	(Win4Workgroups 3.11) DOS386 VCOMM Device
 002Ch	SPOOLER	     ?	N  N	Windows95 print spooler
 002Dh	W32S	     Y	N  Y	WIN32s 32-bit extension to Windows API
 002Eh	???
 002Fh	???
 0030h	MACH32	     N	N  Y	ATI Mach32 video card
 0031h	NETBEUI	     N	N  N	(Win4Workgroups 3.11) NETBEUI
 0032h	SERVER	     N	Y  Y	(Win4Workgroups 3.11) Int21 File Server
 0032h	VSERVER	     ?	N  Y	(Win95) Int21 File Server
 0033h	CONFIGMG     ?	Y  Y	(Win95)
 0033h	EDOS	     ?	N  N	Windows DOS Box Enhancer by Mom's Software
 0034h	DWCFGMG.SYS  ?	Y  ?	DOS Plug-and-Play configuration manager
 0035h	SCSIPORT     ?	N  N	(Win95) virtualized access to SCSI adapter
 0036h	VFBACKUP     ?	Y  Y	(Win95)
 0037h	ENABLE	     ?	Y  Y	(Win95)
 0038h	VCOND	     ?	Y  Y	(Win95)
 0039h	???
 003Ah	VPMTD	     N	N  Y	(Win4Workgroups 3.11) IFAX Scheduler Device
 003Bh	DSVXD	     ?	Y  N	DoubleSpace VxD from MS-DOS v6.x
 003Ch	ISAPNP	     ?	N  N	(Win95)
 003Dh	BIOS	     ?	Y  Y	(Win95)
 003Eh	WSOCK	     ?	Y  Y	(Win95) WinSock
 003Fh	WSIPX	     ?	N  N	(Win95) IPX WinSock
 0040h	IFSMGR	     ?	N  N	(Win95)
 0041h	VCDFSD	     ?	N  N	(Win95) CD-ROM File System Driver (MSCDEX)
 0042h	MRCI2	     ?	N  N	(Win95) DriveSpace3
 0043h	PCI	     ?	N  N	(Win95)
 0048h	PERF	     ?	N  N	(Win95)
 004Ah	MTRR	     ?	N  N	(Win95SR2) PPro/P-II MTRR enumerator???
 004Bh	NTKERN	     ?	N  Y	(Win95SR2)
 0051h	ISAPNP	     ?	N  N	(Win95) ISA Plug-and-Play manager
 008Dh	ESDI_506     ?	N  N	(Win95) MFM/RLL/ESDI disk driver
 0090h	voltrack     ?	N  N	(Win95) Volume Tracker
 00FDh	FAKEIDE	     ?	N  N	(Chicago)
 0102h	CV1	     ?	N  N	Microsoft C/C++ 7.00+ CodeView for Windows
 011Fh	VFLATD	     ?	N  Y	(Win95)
 0200h	VIPX	     ?	Y  Y	NetWare Virtual IPX Driver
 0200h	VTEMPD	     ?	?  ?	dummy template driver by Ray Patch
 0201h	VNWLSERV     ?	N  N	NetWare Lite 1.1 Server (SERVER.EXE)
 0202h	WINICE	     ?	Y  Y	SoftICE/W
 0202h	SICE	     ?	Y  Y
 0203h	VCLIENT	     ?	N  Y	NetWare Lite 1.1+ Client
 0205h	VCAFT	     ?	N  N	Novell Virtual CAFT Driver (LANalyzer for Win)
 0205h	BCW	     ?	Y  Y	Nu-Mega Bounds Checker for Windows
 0206h	VTXRX	     ?	N  N	Novell Virtual TXRX Driver (LANalyzer for Win)
 0207h	DPMS	     N	Y  N	Novell DOS Protected Mode Services
 0234h	VCOMMUTE     ?	Y  Y	PC Tools Commute
 0442h	VTDAPI	     ?	N  Y	MMSys Win386 VTAPI Device
 0443h	???
 0444h	VADMAD	     ?	?  ?	Autoinitialize DMA (Windows 3.0)
 0445h	VSBD	     ?	Y  Y	WinResKit: Sound Blaster Device
 0446h	VADLIBD	     Y	Y  Y	MMSys Win386 AdLib Device (v3.x)
 0447h	???
 0448h	SETULTRA     ?	?  ?	Gravis UltraSound setup
 0449h	vjoyd	     ?	N  Y	(Win95) joystick
 044Ah	mmdevldr     ?	Y  Y	(Win95)
 044Bh	???
 044Ch	msmpu401     ?	N  N	(Win95) MPU-401 MIDI driver
 044Ch	cwdmidi	     ?	Y  Y	(Crystal???) MIDI driver
 044Dh	msopl	     ?	N  N	(Win95) OPL-3 (SoundBlaster FM) driver
 044Eh	mssblst	     ?	N  N	(Win95) SoundBlaster MIDI driver
 045Dh	VflatD	     ?	N  Y	dva.386, part of WIN32s
 045Eh	???
 045Fh	mssndsys     ?	?  ?	Microsoft Sound System audio driver
 045Fh	azt16	     ?	Y  Y	Aztech Sound Galaxy 16 audio driver
 0460h	UNIMODEM     ?	N  Y	Universal Modem driver
 0480h	VNetSup	     N	Y  Y	(Win4Workgrps 3.11) Virtual Network Support
 0481h	VRedir	     N	N  N	(Win4Workgroups 3.11) Redirector File System
 0481h	VREDIR	     ?	N  N	(Win95) Redirector File System driver
 0482h	VBrowse	     ?	Y  Y	Win386 Virtual Browser
 0482h	SNAPVXD	     ?	Y  Y	(Win95)
 0483h	VSHARE	     ?	N  N	(Win4Workgroups) Virtual SHARE
 0483h	VSHARE	     ?	Y  Y	(Win95) Virtual SHARE
 0484h	IFSMgr	     Y	N  Y	(Win4Wg 3.11) Installable File System Manager
 0485h	???			???
 0486h	VFAT	     N	Y  Y	(Win4Workgroups 3.11) Win386 HPFS Driver
 0487h	NWLINK	     ?	Y  Y	Win386 Virtual Packet Exchange Protocol
 0487h	NWSUP	     Y	N  N	NetWare Vnetbios shim
 0488h	VTDI	     ?	N  N	(Win95)
 0489h	VIP	     ?	Y  N	(Win95)
 0489h	FTCVIP	     ?	Y  Y	Frontier Technologies' VIP
 048Ah	VTCP	     ?	Y  ?
 048Ah	MSTCP	     ?	Y  N	(Win95) TCP stack
 048Ah	FTCTDI	     ?	Y  Y	Future Technologies' TCP stack
 048Bh	VCache	     N	Y  Y	(Win4Workgroups 3.11) Virtual File Cache
 048Bh	VCACHE	     ?	Y  Y	(Win95) disk cache
 048Ch	???			???
 048Dh	RASMAC	     ?	Y  Y	enhanced mode Win4Workgroups RASMAC device
 048Eh	NWREDIR	     ?	Y  Y	(Win95)
 048Fh	???			???
 0490h	???			???
 0491h	FILESEC	     ?	?  ?	(Win95) File Access Control Manager
 0492h	NWSERVER     ?	?  ?	(Win95)
 0493h	SECPROV	     ?	?  ?	(Win95) Security Provider
 0494h	NSCL	     ?	Y  Y	(Win95)
 0495h	AFVXD	     ?	N  N	(Win95)
 0496h	NDIS2SUP     ?	?  ?	(W4Wg???) NDIS2 networking support
 0497h	MSODISUP     ?	N  N	(W4Wg???)
 0498h	Splitter     ?	N  N	(Win95)
 0499h	PPPMAC	     ?	Y  Y	(Win95)
 049Ah	VDHCP	     ?	Y  Y	(Win95)
 049Bh	VNBT	     ?	Y  Y	(Win95) NetBIOS-over-TCP/IP driver
 049Ch	???
 049Dh	LOGGER	     ?	?  ?	(Win95)
 04A2h	IRLAMP	     ?	?  ?	IrDA Infrared Enumerator VxD
 097Ch	PCCARD	     ?	N  Y	(Win95) (see INT 20/VxD=097Ch)
 1020h	VCV	     ?	?  ?	Microsoft C/C++ 7.00 CodeView
 1021h	VMB	     ?	Y  Y	Microsoft C/C++ 7.00 WXSRVR
 1022h	Vpfd	     ?	Y  Y	Microsoft C/C++ 7.00
 1025h	MMD	     ?	Y  Y	Microsoft C/C++ 8.00, Visual C/C++ 1.00
 2020h	PIPE	     ?	Y  Y	by Thomas W. Olson, in Windows/DOS DevJrn 5/92
 21EAh	VADLIBWD     ?	N  Y	Adlib Waveform Driver by John Ridges
 2200h	VFINTD	     ?	Y  Y	Norton VFINTD (Norton Desktop)
 22C0h	???	     Y		Rational Systems DOS/4GW ???
 2402h	ZMAX	     ?	N  N	Qualitas 386MAX v7 DOSMAX handler
 24A0h	VNSS	     ?	N  Y	Norton Screen Saver (Norton Desktop)
 24A1h	VNDWD	     ?	Y  Y	Norton VNDWD Device (Norton Desktop)
 24A2h	SYMEvent     ?	Y  Y	Norton Utilities v8
 2540h	VILD	     ?	Y  N	INTERLNK client from MS-DOS v6.x
 2640h	VASBID	     ?	N  Y	WinResKit: Artisoft Sounding Board Device
 2860h	COMMTASK     N	N  Y	Windows 386-mode preemptive tasker by James
				  A. Kenemuth of Interabang Computing
 28A0h	PHARLAPX     ?	Y  ?	PharLap inter-VM communications DLL
 28A1h	PharLap	     Y	Y  Y	PharLap 386|DOS-Extender DOSXNT.386
 28C0h	VXD	     N	Y  Y	Generic VxD for real and protected mode by
				  Andrew Schulman in MSJ February 1993
 28C1h	PUSHKEYS     ?	?  ?	VKD_Force_Keys device
 28C2h	VCR3D	     ?	?  ?	Virtual CR3, by A.Schulman in MSJ October 1992
 2925h	EDOS	     ?	Y  Y	Enhanced DOS by Firefly Software
 292Dh	VSBPD	     ?	Y  Y	Sound Blaster Pro
 295Ah	GRVSULTR     ?	Y  Y	Gravis UltraSound / UltraSound ACE
 3048h	FTCTCPIP     ?	N  Y	Frontier Technologies' TCP/IP stack
 3049h	???			(called by FNFSC32.VXD, FrontierTech's VNFSD)
 304Ch	DWCFGMG.SYS  ?	Y	Plug-and-Play configuration access
 3098h	VstlthD	     N	N  N	for QEMM Stealth ROM mode
 3099h	VVidramD     ?	Y  N	for QEMM VIDRAM support
 30F6h	WSVV	     ?	N  Y	(Win95) WinSock for Voice-View Modems???
 310Eh	WPS	     ?	N  Y	MS DevNet CD-ROM: Windows Process Status
 3110h	VGSSD	     ?	Y  Y	VSGLX16.386 for Aztech Sound Galaxy 16
 313Bh	PMC	     ?	?  ?	Power Management Coordinator
 318Ah	LMOUSE	     ?	Y  Y	(Win95) Logitech mouse???
 31CFh	STAT.386     ?	?  ?	Ton Plooy's processor statistics VxD
 3202h	VdspD	     ?	N  N	(Win95)
 3203h	vpasd	     ?	N  N	(Win95) Pro Audio Spectrum driver
 32A4h	SBAWE	     ?	Y  Y	(Win95) SoundBlaster AWE driver
 32A5h	VSB16	     ?	N  N	(Win95) SoundBlaster 16 driver
 32CBh	VFRAD	     ?	Y  Y	Dr.Franz - Simultan's diagnotics VFRAD.386
 32DCh	NV3RM	     ?	N  Y	(Win95SR2)
 3354h	Discover     ?	N  Y	(Nuts&Bolts) Discover
 33AAh	DECCORE	     ?	Y  Y	(Win95) DEC Pathworks core VxD
 33B4h	DECLICL	     ?	N  N	(Win95)
 33F0h	VIWD	     ?	Y  Y	Gravis UltraSound Plug-n-Play Interwave v1.x
 33FCh	ASPIENUM     ?	N  N	(Win95)
 34DCh	MAGNARAM     ?	N  Y	Quarterdeck MagnaRAM (MAGNA31.VXD/MAGNA95.VXD)
 357Eh	DSOUND	     ?	Y  Y	(Win95) DirectSound
 3584h	VSNDSYS	     ?	Y  Y	(Win95SR2)
 35C5h	LUGEPS	     ?	Y  Y	Lugaru's Epsilon editor
 36AEh	AIB-PC.386   ?	Y  Y	Sunset Laboratory interface hardware driver
 377Bh	MX1501HAD    ?	?  ?	Cherry keyboard chipcard reader
 38BEh	Vheapx	     ?	N  Y	(Nuts&Bolts) Virtual Heap Expander
 38C0h	Bombshel     ?	N  Y	(Nuts&Bolts) Bombshelter
 38DAh	VIWD	     ?	Y  Y	UltraSound PnP InterWave driver v2.0beta
 39E6h	A3D	     ?	N  N	(Win95SR2)
 3A39h	CINEMSYS     ?	Y  Y	Software Cinemaster MPEG/DVD decoder
 3BFCh	CWCSPUD	     ?	N  N	(Win95SR2)
 3BFDh	CWCPROXY     ?	N  N	(Win95SR2)
 3BFEh	CWCMMSYS     ?	N  Y	(Win95SR2)
 3BFFh	CWCDSND	     ?	N  N	(Win95SR2)
 3C46h	X10MOUSE     ?	Y  Y	X10 RF wireless mouse
 3C78h	VGARTD	     ?	N  N	(Win95SR2)
 3E6Dh	DDRAW	     ?	Y  Y	DirectDraw
 3ED6h	ATIVVXXX     ?	N  Y	ATI Rage128-based video card
 3EE5h	WINTEL.VXD   ?	?  ?	"WinTel" Windows remote-control program
				(see also PORT 063Eh)
 4321h	POSTMSG	     ?	Y  Y	(see #02712)
 4321h	VPCD	     ?	N  N	PCache
 4321h	avvxp500     ?	N  N	(Win95) VxP500 driver
 6001h	REGVXD	     ?	Y  Y	Windows95 Registry Monitor helper
 7A5Fh	SIWVID	     Y	Y  Y	Soft-ICE for Windows video driver
 7FE0h	VSWITCHD     ?	Y  N	by Jeff Prosise
 7FE0h	VWFD	     N	Y  Y	reports windowed/fullscreen state; by Neil
				  Sandlin of Microsoft, shipped with ANSIPLUS
 7FE1h	VWATCHD	     N	Y  Y	basic driver w/ no functionality except tracing
				  by Keith Jin of Microsoft PSS
 7FE5h	VFINTD	     N	Y  Y	Virtual Floppy Interrupt trapper by Neil
				  Sandlin of Microsoft
 7FE7h	VMPAGES	     N	Y  Y	demonstration of exporting VxD services, by
				  Neil Sandlin of Microsoft
 7FE8h	VPOSTD	     ?	Y  Y	PostMessage() demo by Curtis J. Palmer of MS
 7FE9h	VIdleD	     N	N  N	demonstration of Call_When_Idle function, by
				  Bernie McIlroy of Microsoft
 7FEBh	VMIOD	     N	N  N	Virtual Monitor I/O Traffic Device, by Neil
				  Sandlin of Microsoft
 7FEDh	VMIRQD	     N	N  N	Virtual Monitor IRQ Traffic Device, by Neil
				  Sandlin of Microsoft
 8888h	VbillD	     ?	?  ?	Bill Potvin II's for reversing Compaq LTE video
 EEEEh	VEPSD	     ?	N  N	Virtual Extended Paging Services for
				  Borland C++ v4.0
Notes:	The high bit of the VxD ID is reserved for future use. Originally,
	  the next 10 bits were the OEM number which was assigned by Microsoft,
	  and the low 5 bits were the device number.  Currently, Microsoft
	  assigns VxD IDs individually for each driver; send blank email to
	  vxdid@microsoft.com for more information.
	"CallOut"=Y indicates that the VxD uses the INT 2F/AX=1607h/BX=VxDID
	  device callout interface; "PM" and "V86" indicate whether the VxD
	  provides an API entry point in protected mode and Virtual-86 mode
	  (e.g. DOS boxes)